What is Agave Nectar?

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What to do if you don’t like honey but want a perfect substitute of it? No need to worry because Agave Nectar is there for you. Aguamiel, the plant, is the source from where this nectar is produced. This plant is found in Mexico and it is also known as honey water. Due to it’s a lot of benefits and health related concerns, Agave Nectar is used as an ingredient in different types of food, not from a decade or so, rather from thousands of years.

The plant from which this nectar is produced looks like a cactus plant. The habitat of this plant also resembles to that of cactus. More specifically known as Blue Agaves, they are found in so many species and in expert’s opinion Weber Blue agave produces the best quality nectar. But the question here arises that how this nectar is actually produced from its plant? The plant becomes able to produce nectar when it becomes 7 to 10 years of age. On reaching this age, its leaves are separated from the plant for further processing of producing the agave nectar out of it. The process of producing the nectar starts from the filtration of a substance called sap. On heating this substance at a very low temperature, its carbohydrates are broken down into sugars. There exist some categories of agave nectar known as Light nectar and Dark nectar which is also produced from this plant. From nutrition point of view, there are almost 5g of carbohydrates and about 20 calories present in a single teaspoon of agave nectar. Many diabetic people use this nectar as a substitute for sugar in tea, coffee etc. Agave nectar is easily available on every health food store and even on grocery stores as well. Besides having positive health effects of agave nectar, its high usage can also lead to a risk of some heart disease because it contains high level of fructose which further increases the triglyceride level which is actually a factor considered in many heart diseases.

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