What is a ZB Drug?

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What is a ZB Drug?
ZB drug is a street name for zennabrillatol or xennobrillotal. Some people also refer to it as “zenno” or “zeebees”. It is assumed that ZB or zennabrillatol is an illegal drug but many also believe that this drug does not actually exist. Searching the web also doesn’t give out much information about this drug, its components and its effects. Much of the information about this drug came about when it became part of a question from health surveys in schools, particularly the Georgia Student Health Survey.

The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to students from 6th grade up to 12th grade. All private and public schools in the state of Georgia administer this test annually. This particular test can be taken online and usually around fall season. This survey also protects the anonymity of the student test-taker to ensure that no discrimination results. The purpose of this survey is to identify possible health and/or safety issues in some students that may have an adverse effect to his/her performance in school. In this survey, one of the questions involved ZB drug and students were asked if they had ever used this type of drug. And since this drug is said to be non-existent, the survey aims to use this particular question to identify if students inflate their use of illicit and/or illegal drugs. Experts believe that there are some young students who inflate their supposed drug use to keep up with social pressure. Others also do it willingly to be part of the “it” or “cool” crowd. And since drug use usually starts at around the 6th to 12th grades, the survey aims to pinpoint whether intervention and preventive measures are necessary to help students with their needs and problems.

But aside from questions relating to drugs like the ZB drug, the Georgia Student Health Survey also covers questions on alcoholism, tobacco use, food and nutrition, suicide issues, driving, school environment and culture, sedentary lifestyle, and school drop-out issues among a variety of others topics. It is because of this survey that the ZB drug sort of earned the reputation of an illicit or illegal drug, which led to some popularizing this drug through other street names like “zenno” or “zeebees”.

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