What is a Wyvern?

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What is a Wyvern?
A wyvern (sometimes “wivern”) is a reptile-like creature which is part of European lores and legendary myths. It has a head that looks similar to a dragon and has wings for flying. Part of its body also resembles a snake, especially on its tail part. Wiverns either have two legs or none of them. Most wiverns that live on land are the ones that have two legs. And those without legs have their own tails and they are usually residents of the water. These water-dwelling types are called sea wyverns.

The word “wyvern” or “wivern” is a derivative of the word “wyvere” which has Middle English or Saxon roots. This particular animal is said to be closely related to the dragon because of its reptilian look and wings. Many also consider it a dragon type or a dragon subspecies. Some features of the wyvern also resemble big birds. With its claws and wings, wyverns are sometimes likened to eagles.

Images of wyverns can commonly be found in heraldry during Europe’s medieval times. Various groups and institutions have used the wyvern as part of the design in their logos, flags, crests, heralds, and coats of arms. Because of the wyvern’s resemblance and association to big and powerful-looking animals like dragons and eagles, they are also considered symbols and representations of power, might, and strength.

In more modern times, wyverns can commonly be seen as part of school and university logos. Some even use wyverns as the school’s official mascot to a specific athletic or sports team. Some schools and institutions that use wyverns in their logos, banners, crests, and other badges include Kingswood Oxford School in the UK, Woodbridge College of Canada, Wesley College of Ireland, Trinity Residents’ Club in Australia, and the Korean Baseball Organization.

Wyverns also come up in some books like the Sandman series of author Neil Gaiman. These mythical creatures also serve as beasts and monsters in a variety of computer and/or video games like Dragon Warrior, Fire Emblem, World of Warcraft, Monster Hunter, and RuneScape among others.

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