What is a DSG gearbox?

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DSG gearboxes refer to direct-shift gearboxes that have a dual-clutch transmission system without the standard clutch pedal.  A DSG gearbox can also be operated as a fully automatic clutch system or semi-manual gearbox.  DSG gearboxes can be found in so-called automatic cars, and it allows for easier gear shifting when compared to other transmission systems.

In basic terms, DSG gearboxes combine two manual clutch systems that work together as one gearbox unit.  With improved configurations involved in making gear shifting, DSG gearboxes are said to result in more engine power generated and improved car control.  When compared to standard automatic transmission systems, gear shifting can be made faster as the DSG gearbox unit helps eliminate the torque conversion involved in the standard system. When there is no torque conversion, then there will also be a more efficient transfer of engine power in-between shifting the gears.  It has also been said that the main purpose for creating the DSG technology is to literally help eliminate the lag that occurs in-between gear shifting which typically happens in conventional automatic and manual transmission cars.

The design involved in DSG gearboxes is attributed first to Volkswagen cars through BorgWarner.  The same technology was then applied to other cars from various manufacturers including the Japanese-made Mitsubishi and Nissan cars, and the European cars like the Audi and Porsche.  Many of today’s cars equipped with DSG gearboxes also feature manual shifting mode through paddle shifters that are placed on the steering wheel.  Some cars also have shifting levers that drivers can use for a manual feel in an automatic car.  For many car enthusiasts, having these manual shifters is perfect for today’s automatic transmission cars as it gives drivers the freedom to choose in terms of gear shifting. It is also a great excuse for drivers who can’t seem to let go of having control over their car in terms of power control and gear shifting.

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