What is a BSI Sensor?

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What is a BSI Sensor?

A BSI or back side-illuminated sensor is used by the digital cameras of today to provide more light when projecting a particular image. The configuration of the imaging elements of this type of image sensor is especially helpful when capturing images in low-light conditions. The main technology behind BSI Sensors is not relatively new but it is only quite recently that they are widely used by digital camera manufacturers. In the past, this type of sensor have used in the field of astronomy and in security cameras. Back then, BSI sensors were limited to these fields because of the complexity to the technology and the high cost of production. But with continued development, industry experts were able to simplify production concerns which also pulled the costs down. By the year 2009, Sony was able to release a digital camera model with a built-in BSI sensor at reasonable market prices.

Conventional image sensors have imaging elements arranged and configured at the front. This configuration is considered simple enough for wide use and manufacturing. But based on the arrangements of some parts, part of the light is reflected thereby reducing overall light to the pixels. With the back side-illuminated sensor, more light is projected to the image because the main part of the imaging sensor is placed at the back. Because of its configuration, BSI sensors are preferred when a situation involves low or bad light. And with the development of cheaper and simpler BSI sensors, many mobile device manufacturers now use BSI sensors across different products like mobile phones and mobile internet devices. Companies such as Apple and HTC are considered the pioneers when it comes to BSI sensors in mobile devices. Other mobile device manufacturers followed the popular trend and have their own mobile device models and units equipped with the latest BSI sensor technology.

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