What Does RVCA Stand For?

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What Does RVCA Stand For?
RVCA is actually a clothing company based in California. It is owned by an Australian company which is also the same owner of the famous brand, Billabong. As you see it, the RVCA does not stand for anything. It only has the R and C which means Recession and Collection. Yet, the entire four letters do not have a complete meaning. The V there is not really V. Yet, due to its logo design, it is usually referred to as V. However, in reality, it is U and not V. Thus, it is actually pronounced as ru-ka and not RVCA (individually pronounced).

This company sells shorts and other equipment and materials related to skateboard and surfing. In fact, they are closely associated to this culture and have been known as one of the best producer for items related to the said sport. RVCA is actually known for its unique designs, graphics, and patterns. Their designs really evoke life, color, and action. Thus, they have garnered popularity not only in the US and Australia, but all over the world.

Due to these designs, RVCA has been closely related with the street graffiti subculture. They have different modern galleries showcasing their designs and contemporary art. These galleries include the New Image Art Gallery in L.A. and the Luggage Gallery in San Francisco.

RVCA products might be a bit expensive due to its name. However, aside from producing the best designs and styles, they were also known for producing high quality products. This keeps them from being on the lead and most trusted both by surfers and non- surfers. Yet, they also sell items at a very affordable price. In fact, these items are available now in different online stores.

Indeed, when it comes to the best surfing related equipment and materials, RVCA is the trusted brand.

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