What are ejaculatory prayers?

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For Roman Catholics, ejaculatory prayers refer to very short prayers that can be done or recited at basically any time of the day as the need arises. These prayers are also called aspiration prayers as they usually involve things or requests to God that are wished or aspired for in a particular situation.  Although people may recite ejaculatory prayers any time they want, these prayers are meant for regular memorization throughout any given day.  For devoted Catholics and religious experts, saying ejaculatory or aspiration prayers is a great way to regularly communicate with God at several times in a day.

When there is a sudden need for inspiration, guidance, or help from God, many people also resort to reciting ejaculatory prayers.  There are also people who usually say these prayers in silence because most of the prayers talk about personal struggles, triumphs, or requests.  Ejaculatory or aspirations prayers are also considered very intimate because it speaks of people’s inner feelings and desires.  The best thing about ejaculatory prayers is that they are short enough to be recited or memorized when there is a sudden need for it.  In the case of a person needing strength from God to be able to make a hard and quick decision on life, he/she may recite a short ejaculatory prayer. With a simple and short prayer, a person can literally gain more insight and strength from God.

Aside from seeking immediate or sudden requests, there are also ejaculatory prayers that are meant to sort of drive away demons in the form of temptations and bad decisions.  Using a simple phrase or sentence, people can easily ignore possible temptations in life and do the right thing instead.  In these situations, the ejaculations or aspiration prayers act as instant diversion techniques and instantly help people make quick and right decisions.


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