What are AXS machines?

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AXS machines refer to stand-alone computer terminals used by many Singaporeans to pay bills or buy movie tickets online.  These machines are located in various terminals across different areas in Singapore and are referred to as AXS stations.  Many of these machines or terminals are situated on various public transport facilities like bus and train stations.  These machines or stations work under the company named AXS Pte Ltd, which is subsidiary of DBS Bank.

AXS machines are widely used in Singapore for people who wish to pay their bills online.  Telephone and electric bills for example may be paid using the stand-alone and self-service machines.  Many of these AXS machines look like the standard automated teller machines or ATMs which are operated by other banks.  The machine is touted as a one-stop portal for various online transactions for Singapore’s general public.  Aside from bills payment, AXS machines or stations may also be used to pay for various government fines and duties.  For people and businesses that owe something to the government or for those looking to find convenient ways to pay for dues and taxes, doing it on AXS machines is the best option for them.  Various other electronic or e-Services offered by the Singaporean government can also be done or accessed through the AXS machines.

For public commuters, AXS stations or machines are also the most convenient way of topping up prepaid cards for the public bus or train and MTR system.  Instead of having to go to the customer service or ticketing stations of public transport systems, commuters can easily top up their cards using the AXS application for this particular service.  The same AXS machines may even be used to purchase movie and concert tickets that are registered online.  Fans of different artists need not go to designated ticket booths just to purchase movie or concert tickets.  All they have to do is go to the nearest AXS station and book these tickets ahead of time.


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