Things to do in Samal

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The City of Samal is regarded as largest resort city in Davao del Norte. It is certainly one of the must-visit places in the southern part of the Philippines! The city is accessible through the east of Davao City. There are over 70 resorts, ranging from basic to luxury for visitors’ choice. Hills and Lowlands dot the city’s island of Samal creating enthralling scenery. With a mesmerizing mountain range Vista at the eastern coast of the island that spellbinds sightseers, this is a wonderful vacation get-away destination. Although it may seem a small island, it is intriguing phenomena act as the magnet that pulls travels to this south. In Samal, visitors are lost for choice in the array of the things to do. Here are a few highlights you need to sample in your next visit to this fantastic destination.

Fun and Games

People mostly visit Samal for fun and adventure. You probably can never visit a boring place, and for this reason, Samal City exists for you. There are a lot of events and games that can make your visit to this town memorable. For instance, there is The Nice Breakfast Excursion that travelers often take pleasure in, which is also a moment for you to interact with locals and other nationalities, just for fun together. Beach adventures have the opportunity to sun bathe, indulge in water sports and even enjoy exercising their creativity in the white sandy beaches while in Samal.


You will never have a complete story to tell without spending time in the waterfalls. Hagimit Falls is a place not to miss. Here you can enjoy natural swimming pools in the waterfalls. The scenery here is really beautiful, so do leave your camera behind. The huge formations and mammoth shoulders will make your photo realer and attracting. Make people admire you in the social sites!

Landmarks and Sights

The landmarks in this city explain why the city allures both locals and foreign travelers. The mountain ranges and canopies are just amazing. Visit Mt. Putting Bato and end up charmed by the limestone wall of the mountain. Climb to top if you can but take care not crack your jaw down. You can as well be trained. The canopies are fun points. Experience the canopies at Maxima Resort Aqua Fun located in Barangay Cawag. Do not be afraid of heights, just enjoy it but avoid looking down. The list of activities to do here are endless. You can as well try their tarpaulin slide or plunge into the open sea.

The Japanese Cave House is not a sight to be ignored. Get there and find a moment of discovering things that you not have known about Japan.


There are so many resorts that you can never be worried for your accommodation. You can always choose from the many for the one that fits your comfort. The Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Paradise Island Park, Hot Gorei Beach Resort and Bluejaz Beach Resort just to mention a few are some of the leading accommodation properties that can always meet your need. These are known for their intricate design and relaxing ambiance

The Samal Island

The island itself encircles your story about the city into a very attractive package. You can always cruise around the island at affordable rates if you are interested in seeing the 50 beach resort. In this endeavor, Service Providers such as the Island Banca Cruises Davao are always ready to help you out.

In the island, you can always walk wherever you are to discover new paths, and probably be named after you! Plan your next visit to Samal and discover the hidden mysteries in Samal.


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