Number of red blood cells

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How many red blood cells are there?

150 000-400 000

Not too many people know that red blood cells are also called RBCs, red cells, red blood corpuscles, haematids, erythroid cells or erythrocytes.  It is important to know that red blood cells are much more common than the other blood particles: there are about 4,000–11,000 white blood cells and about 150,000–400,000 red blood cells. Keep in mind that in humans, mature red blood cells are flexible and oval biconcave disks.  Did you know that approximately a quarter of the cells in the human body are red blood cells?


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  1. sam

    December 31, 2013 5:59 pm

    This may be the number of cells per ml. You need to specify the volume. It is certainly not the number of cells in a litre or in the body.


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