Number of coal mines in US

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How many coal mines are there in US?


Not too many people know that there are 54 coal mines in the United States of America.  Believe it or not, they produced more than 4 million tons of coal in 2006.  These 54 mines are located in 34 counties all over the United States of America.  It is important to know that the average age of coal miners in West Virginia is 55.  Specialists consider that since most existing coal power plants are in rural areas, the poverty rates are roughly average for the U.S.  Anyway, per capita income in those areas is lower than average.


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  1. David Kasunick

    July 22, 2014 4:54 pm

    The answer shown was to a different question. What was asked was “how many miners”, not how many mines. I’m guessing that there are more than 54 miners in the US.


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