Number of bones in the skull

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How many bones are there in the skull?


It is important to know that there are 22 bones in the skull: 8 cranial bones and 14 facial bones.  Needless to say, cranial bones are the Ethmoid bone, Frontal bone, Occipital bone, 2 Pariatal bones, 1 Sphenoid bone, and 2 Temporal bones.  Needless to say, facial bones are 2 Inferior Nasal Conchae, 2 Lacrimal Bones,1 Mandible, 2 Maxillae/Maxilla, 2 Nasal Bones, 2 Palatine Bones, 1 Vomer, and 2 Zygomatic Bones.  Moreover, the vertebral column usually consists of 24 articulating vertebrae.


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