How many African American physicians does the US have?

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Around 30,000 (4% of the total population)

According to the journal of the National Medical Association and the Census Bureau, 13% of Americans are African Americans, but only 4% of them are physicians. There are around 885,000 doctors in the US, which is approximately one doctor for about 300 people, but only about 30,000 of them are African Americans. With proper exposure to medicine as a career option and a little encouragement from their family and schools there is a good possibility of increasing the number of African American physicians.


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  1. Eliot

    December 11, 2016 9:29 am

    I suggest you check your math. For example: 880,000 total doctors out of a population of 320 million is less that 1/3 of 1%. And your implicit comparisons don’t seem particularly apt to me.


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