Benefits Of Chair Massage

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Massage is one of the best ways for relaxing a stressed out body. Massage has been in practice since ancient times, when the Royal ones like Kings and Queens used to appoint special massage specialists for relaxing and rejuvenating their bodies. ‘Massage is the act of rubbing, kneading body in a peculiar way, by gently applying some force on body parts to stimulate, relax, and rejuvenate and for detoxifying the body’. Massage gives a positive effect not only on the body parts but also on the muscles and nerves of the body.

In ancient times, special oils were used to rub the body like mustard oil, sesame oil and other medicinal and herbal oils. These oils when enter in body, relaxe, refresh, beautify and detoxify the body. Hand massage was the only means of massage at that time. In modern times, where everybody is stressed out and stress is affecting our body and mind, massage has become an unavoidable part of our day to day life. Life style has changed now. Men and women both are spending long hours sitting on their chairs, spending lesser times in physical activities and burning calories. This automation of work has lead to a more lethargy and stiffed out body. Body loses its flexibility when it is not utilized in an active manner. Massage has become a mode to bring the body in its natural balance and flexibility.

Earlier, hand massage was the only mode of massage. But in modern times, other modes of massage like massage bags, massage belts and massage chairs have made their special place in our lives. Massage chair is the most popular among these means as it can be applied while travelling, while working and it acts on all the body parts simultaneously. Massage chair was invented by David Palmer in 1968.Traditional massage chair was a simple portable chair. Now a day, two types of massage chairs are common in use. One is Traditional chair, which gives relaxation to the common tension parts of the body like head, shoulders and back. Another one is Robotic massage chair, which has electronic vibrators and motors for providing automatic vibrations to the sitter. These Robotic chairs has numerous gears, rollers and air bags to perform like an actual massage techniques like compressing ,kneading and pressurizing body parts in a soothing and calm way.

The principal behind all the massage techniques is a Japanese word shiatsu.Shi means Finger and atsu means Pressure. It means massage is a technique of applying pressure by fingers to relax the body. Massage chair uses the same principal for helping body in relaxing and calming. A massage chair has so many benefits and positive impacts on the body. Let’s have a look on its benefits-

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most experienced health problems in modern life style. Back pain is the stiffness in back muscles and spine due to long and continuous working hours. It may also be caused due to wrong postures of body. Massage chair has been specially designed to reduce the back pain. It gives a correct support to the back of the person using it. The vibrations given by massage chair helps to compress the muscles and spine in a corrective order, providing gentle pressure to the back muscles. It helps in loosening the tight and strained muscles, which allows muscles to relax.Hence,it is effective in reducing back pain.

Reduces Lactic Acid Deposition

Lactic acid is deposited in body after continuous and heavy physical exercise. Lactic acid is believed to cause pain in the body muscles, when deposited in excess. Massage chair repeatedly compress and relax blood vessels of the body. Due to which Oxygen rich blood circulation increases in the body parts, this reduces lactic acid deposition. It allows elimination of Lactic acid leading to flexible and relaxed muscles.

Heart Rate And Stress

In the fast paced life, nearly everybody is suffering from stress.Stress,anxiety and tension put a negative effect on body functioning.Streess disturbs the Heart rate and rhythm . Prolonged exposure to stress may affect Heart functioning permanently leading to stroke and complexities. Chair massage increases the level of neurotransmitters which reduces stress and tension in body. After chair massage, there is observed an increase in the activity of parasympathetic nervous system. This system counteracts the stress response produced by sympathetic nervous system of the body, which leads to a reduction on the level of stress produced in the body. According to a research done in New Zealand, chair massage also helps in reducing the level of cortisol in body, which may otherwise lead to weakening of Heart functioning, immune system and other metabolic activities of the body.

In Lowering The Blood Pressure Of The Body

As massage chair helps in reducing down the stress and the effect of stress producing hormones, it helps in lowering of blood pressure. Massage actually leads to more flexible arteries leading to a more smooth blood flow by Heart. It reduces the pressure thrown out by Heart in pumping blood to body, leading to a normal blood pressure and functioning, according to the studies done by Touch Research Institute, America.

Chair Massage Is An Energy Booster

Chair massage is a natural energy booster for all of us. Compressions and vibrations of massage chair leads to a significant increase in blood circulation throughout the body. It helps the tissues and cells of the body to absorb more and more Oxygen and nutrients carried out by blood. Increased blood circulation also leads to elimination of waste products by body leading to refreshing and energizing the body in an effective manner.

In Fighting Emotional Stress

Massage chair has some psychological effects too. It helps in decreasing cortisol levels (nearly 31% ) and increases the level of Serotonin and Dopamine.Serotonin and Dopamine are human friendly neurotransmitters which reduces depression and anxiety in Human beings. These neurotransmitters are mood enhancing, puts a positive effect on the working of Brain and vital for mental Health. Thus massage is also helpful in enhancing brain activity and its well being.

Effect On Lymph System

Lymph system is the network of Lymph Glands, Lymph ducts and Lymph vessels. Lymph system is associated with our immunity. It is the vital part of Immune system. The Lymph system regulates working of White Blood Cells of body, fighting with wounds and general infections. A massage chair is found to be effective on increasing the activity of Lymph system of body. It increase overall circulation and increases the level of Endorphins too. Endorphins are natural pain killer of body. Endorphins reduce pain and stiffness on the body. A session of massage chair is found to increase activity of Lymph system, immunity and pain relief. Massage chair has been also found effective in fighting with osteoarthritis and other bone related ageing problems.

Other Benefits

Apart from all these benefits and gains, a massage chair has some other positive aspects. It leads to a better sleep, relieves insomnia, balances immunity system, enhances activity of heart, increases flexibility, fights with osteoarthritis ,boosts energy, relieves aches and discomfort and increases the level of friendly hormones .In spite of that, suitable Medical advice must be taken and instructions must be followed before its session. Pregnant women and children of young age group should not use massage chair without prior supervision. Keeping these points in minds, one may easily use massage chair and increase the quality and span of their lives !

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