The Other, Less Known Side of Men

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From their support of cosmetic surgery to their perception of pregnancy and more, here is a list of thought-provoking facts about men.

Fact 1: A study conducted in 2014 revealed that men are less active on social media than women. Namely, a total of 72% of male internet consumers use social networking sites compared to 76% of women. The study also showed that when compared to 2013 the number of men using social media increased by an entire 10%, suggesting that men are slowly but surely warming up to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Fact 2: Men are more literate than women. Girls and women make up one-third of the roughly 776 million illiterate people in the world.

Fact 3: Although most women deny that they are physically and psychologically different from their male counterparts and agree that genetics do not vary between the sexes, studies have shown that men and women differently estimate time and speed, carry out mathematical calculations and visualize objects. Scientists believe that these findings may provide a reason behind gender variances in employment.

Fact 4: Although women are more often supporters of cosmetic surgery, 20 % of men confirm that they would consider this form of beauty enhancement in the future.

Fact 5: Men experience pregnancy too! While Schwarzenegger is still the only male child bearer in history, science has revealed that men have known to feel pregnant at the same time as their wives. This form of sympathetic pregnancy was confirmed by researchers in London who found that men tend to display a variety of pregnancy symptoms, such as mood swings and morning sickness, which clear up when their wives give birth.

Fact 6: It is estimated that between 10-15 % of people with anorexia or bulimia are males. Men are also less likely to seek medical help for eating disorders because of the prevalent opinion that this is a women’s disease.

Fact 7:  The tallest men in the 19th century were Americans, averaging 5’6’’ feet or 1, 71 meters. However, due to urbanization, immigration and rising income inequality, American men lost their position to Europeans. Truth is, today American men are only approximately five centimeters taller than in the 19th century, whereas a Dutch man stand at over 6’ or 185 cm tall! As you may have guessed, the Netherlands is the country with the tallest men in the world.

Fact 8: Men blink less than women!  According to science, humans blink 15 000 a day, which converts to about 10 times per minute. However, men bat their eyelids less often than women. Why? No one is quite sure.

Fact 9:  Geneticists from the University of Leicester found that millions of men are descendants of 11 Asian dynastic leaders, including the world famous Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan! The study, published in the European Journal of Human Genetics, discovered that 11 types of the male-specific Y chromosome were relatively common in 5, 000 Asian men, belonging to 127 populations. These forms of the Y-chromosome were traced back to Genghis Khan and Giocangga, and nine other dynastic leaders who lived up to 4,000 years ago.

Fact 10: Men with lower incomes are more likely to help their partners with housework. Although women are generally more involved with household responsibilities, studies revealed that wealthy males were less likely to help out their wives.

Fact 11: Men who are confident in their looks take significantly less risks than men who aren’t too self-assured. Dr. Chan, a lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, found that men who believe they are more attractive than handsome underwear models took less financial risk than average.

Fact 12: 115 males are conceived for every 100 females. Although male babies are conceived more often than females, according to medical data the male fetus is more fragile and has a smaller chance of survival.

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