Ohio State University Quick Facts

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Ohio State University is one of the many reputed universities of the United States of America ranking amongst the 100 Best colleges in Princeton Review’s and Peterson’s Guide to Competitive colleges. The university was established way back in 1870 by the Ohio General Assembly during the foundation of the Ohio Agricultural Mechanical College. Provisions for the new college foundation were made possible with the help of the Land-Grant Act that had been signed by President Lincoln in the year 1862. The legislation brought about a revolutionized approach to higher education. Admission to the prestigious institution is done through a strict and selective admission policy.

Here are some of the interesting facts about the university.

  • Having been established in 1870, Ohio ranks as one of the oldest public institutions in the north-western territory of USA.

  • Classes at the university began from September 17th, 1873 when 24 students met at the Old Neil farm that is located 2 miles north of Columbus. In 1878 the university’s first class of 6 men graduated and the name was changed to Ohio State University in the same year.

  • In 1879, Ohio State University’s first woman graduated.

  • The university’s college curriculum was settled after much dispute between two factions involving politicians, students and educators. The ‘˜narrow gauge’ wanted focus on agriculture and mechanical arts while the ‘˜broad gauge’ wanted a wider curriculum that incorporated English and other ancient languages, liberal arts etc.

  • Joseph Sullivan was a member of the first Board of Trustees of the University who promoted the ‘˜broad gauge’ idea. To this day his legacy remains and the University offers a very broad based curriculum that comprises of liberal arts education.

  • Students at the Ohio State University have the option of selecting from over 175 college majors and completing from them 9 degree programmes.

  • Degree programmes at the Ohio State University include Education (Early and Middle Childhood licensure), English, Business Management, History, Psychology, Master of Education (for licensure), Master of Arts in Integrated Teaching and Learning and Social Work.

  • The Ohio State Buckeyes is the university’s intercollegiate sports team. OSU is the only university apart from University of Michigan, Stanford University and University of California to have won national championships in 3 major men’s sports events that include basketball, baseball and football.

  • Archie Griffin is the best college football player belonging to Ohio State University team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. He has been the only back-to-back Heisman Trophy winner in 1974-75.

  • The ‘˜Ten Year War’ refers to the intensified rivalry between the football teams of Ohio State and Michigan, from the year 1969 to 1978. Some historians even theories that the war may have begun way back in 1922 when the two teams first met to play each other.

  • Fifty five faculty members of the Ohio State University are Fullbright Fellows.

Ohio State University’s alumni which include over 475,000 people are located in different parts of the world, some of whom went on the achieve Olympic Gold Medals, Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and other prestigious awards. The university itself holds a world-class status in many aspects having contributed significantly through research in the field of global climate change, cancer, ag-bio products that feed the world and others.

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