Inconceivable Facts About Grey Wolves

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Have you ever imagined the planet with no animals? No birds to listen to or twitter around. This sounds extreme, but it could happen if more and more would become extinct due to careless human activities.One particular animal is the grey wolf that has become world’s most endangered species. The extinction of this animal is a serious theme to discuss. People would let live this amazing animal if they could only know the most striking facts about grey wolves as explained below;

 1. Majority of people will not believe the hidden truth that gray wolves eat 20-30 pounds of meat in a single meal. Consequently, they can go without food for approximately a fortnight and remain brawny (Barber,2013, July 29). This is extremely ridiculous considering that they are carnivores that cannot spend two days without a meal.

 2. Did you know that these gray wolves prey on ungulates much gigantic than themselves? They feed most on elk, moose or even deer (Muchamore, 2011).They have a diversified choice such that if they miss the large preys they can go for smaller ones like livestock, rabbit, lizards, birds or beaver. Once the meal is on the table, the highest ranked one eats first then the rest.

 3. Grey wolves are among the widely distributed beasts but surprisingly are that they have been reduced to one-third. Statistics has depicted that the human beings are the greatest threat to their extinction when they revenge for killing their livestock and apprehension of being attacked (March 4, 2015,

4. These majestic and elegant creatures are known to form strong social ties and live like a family just like the way humans do. They in ‘unity is power’ as a symbol of wilderness, and they live together.

 5. The gray wolves believe in hierarchy in the sense that the alphas; father and mother decide the best place to hunt, wander and where to keep the pup (Wolf[Motion picture], 2012).Unlike other wild creatures, these type of wolves believes that sex is the primary purpose of pleasure, and therefore they mate for life. It is surprising that only the alpha in the pack mate. Sex to them is sacred. Once they mate, they live together forever and never divorce.

6. Grey wolves develop very close family relationships that lead to self-sacrifice for the affection of the other family members (Ling & Young, 1991). In terms of love for one another, these wolves exceed human by far. People are known to kill, betray and break vows in their societal ties, but these animals are sophisticated, elegant and incredibly unusual

7. Other creatures form social ties based on the need for protection. However, the size of the packs established by grey wolves is based on the availability of prey. When there is a lot of provisions, they form small packs but in case of prey scarcity, the parks are large to maximize the chances of getting a meal.

8. It is a baseless notion to claim that human beings are the only creatures who understand the significance and rewards associated with endurance. Grey wolves are known to exhibit enduring traits of the highest degree than any other beast. Their remarkable powers of endurance makes them follow their prey keenly all day long and if necessary nighttime too.

9. Unlike other beasts, grey wolves when they go hunting they keep their pup’s food in their stomachs (Report, 2001, January 22). Once they go back to the den, they throw up the food for their little ones.

10. You cannot stop reading this article unless you know how Grey wolves have tremendous influence on climate change (Animal Kingdom part 3, 1998, November 15). They eliminate the culling sick individuals who put pressure on trees and grass such as elk and moose. By so doing, they encourage the growth of trees that in return balance the ecosystem.

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