Facts About the Solar System

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Fact 1: The objects of light that were moving among the stars were observed by astronomers and were named planets. The planets were named with the names of Roman gods. Jupiter is the king of  the gods, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, Mars is the god of war, Venus is the goddess of beauty and love, and Saturn is the god of agriculture as well as the father of Jupiter.

Fact 2: After the telescope was invented, three more planets were identified in our solar system. They are: Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Pluto was considered a dwarf planet in the year 2006.

Fact 3: Apart from planets and stars, our solar system is populated with asteroids and comets. Many asteroids are seen to be placed between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

Fact 4: The comets originated from space far away from the dwarf planet Pluto.

Fact 5: The planets that are closer to the Sun, such as Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are known as terrestrial planets as they are observed to have rocky surfaces.

Fact 6: The large planets present after the orbit of Mars, like Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune are known as gas giants.

Fact 7: Away from Neptune on the Kuiper Belt is seen a small, distant planet called Pluto which has a solid surface that is icy. Hence, it is not called a terrestrial planet.

Fact 8: Almost all the planets and certain moons have an atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Earth primarily consists of nitrogen and oxygen. Venus is found to have an atmosphere of carbon dioxide mixed with poisonous gases like sulfur dioxide.

Fact 9: Hydrogen and helium constitute the atmospheres on Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn. When Pluto is nearer to the Sun, then it has a thin atmosphere while the atmosphere freezes when Pluto goes to the outer areas of its orbit.

Fact 10: As per the planetary spacecraft discovery, there are 146 natural satellites or moons orbiting around the planets. Their sizes might range from the size of our Moon to small bodies.

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