Facts About the 36th President of America

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Lyndon B. Johnson, a.k.a. LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States after the tragic event that lead to the death of then president John F. Kennedy. He focused on creating numerous social service programs as well as signing the Civil Rights Act. Here are 10 facts about the man that once led the country in a time of distress to help better understand who LBJ was:

Fact 1: President Lyndon B. Johnson accompanied President John F. Kennedy during the fateful trip when JFK was shot and assassinated.

Fact 2: Before LBJ became President of the United States, he already had 30 years’ worth of experience in politics.


Fact 3: He was the only President to be inaugurated inside a plane by a woman.


Fact 4: President Johnson was known to be a very competitive individual and enjoyed nothing more than to succeed in all his endeavors.


Fact 5: LBJ was known to treat guests at his ranch by showing them around his estate using his Lincoln Continental car.


Fact 6: He was a staunch supporter of equal rights and was the main proponent in signing the Civil Rights Act that outlawed racial discrimination in all states.

Fact 7: He was known for pushing the involvement of the U.S. in the Vietnam War deeper in order to stop the spread of the Communist regime in that country.

Fact 8: He signed and passed the Medical Care Act bill in 1965 that helps provide medical assistance to senior citizens.


Fact 9: He continued JFK’s goal of forming an alliance with the Soviet Union and halting the production and use of nuclear weapons.


Fact 10: He formed the anti-poverty program called ‘œGreat Society’ which reformed a number of elements including a focus in developing educational programs, medical care for citizens, housing, and the citizens’ right to vote.



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