Facts about Thailand!

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Thailand, a famous vacationing spot is known for its luxuriant beaches and tropical weather all over the world. The place is a fascinating maze of adventures for people interested in Buddhism as the whole country is dotted with beautiful sculptures of Buddha all over. The country is not all about beaches but Bangkok which is also the capital has a landscape dominated by a labyrinth of cityscapes. The country still is a monarchy and is ruled over by HM Bhumibol Adulyadej. Here are some interesting facts about Thailand which would heighten your desire to visit this amazing place and discover it for yourself:

1. Thailand ranks 50th in the list of the largest countries of the World and covers an area of 510,890 sq km on land and 2,230 sq km in the form of water. The coastline is quite vast as well extending to about 3219 kilometers.

2. The country was not always known as ‘Thailand’. In the Past it was often known by the name of ‘Siam’.

3. A major tourist attraction, Bangkok receives a huge influx of visitors every year, sometimes even up to 16 million people making it the most visited city in the world according to the Global Destinations Cities.

4. Besides receiving visitors Thailand has a huge population on its own, around 67 million people are inhabitants of this place making it the 20th most populous country in the world.

5. Apart from Humans, the country has a huge population of monkeys as well. The Pra Prang Sam Yot temple is quite a famous spot for these monkeys in the Lopburi province and its main attraction i.e the monkeys bring in a lot of visitors generating revenue for the area. So as a Thank you to these monkeys the villagers hold an Annual Monkey Buffet where the guests are monkeys in attendance and their numbers can reach up to 600. The feast includes grilled sausages, fresh fruits and vegetables and even ice cream treating these animals to their heart’s content.

6. For all the Siamese lovers out there it might come off as an interesting piece of information, these beautiful blue eyed creatures are a native to Thailand.

7. All countries have their own unique set of laws but Thailand takes ‘unique’ to an altogether different level. Apparently the police can arrest you if you leave your house without an underwear on as wearing an underwear is compulsory by Law in the country.

8. The primary religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism and 90% of the population follows it and around 92% of the Population are Thai speaking making it the official language of Thailand

9. The Beautiful Thanon Thong Chai mountain range has the honor of owing the Highest point in Thailand, The Doi Inthanon which has a height of 8415 ft which amounts to being 2656 m above the sea level

10. Thailand serves home to a lot of tall structures, the world’s 9th tallest statue, ‘The statue of the Great Buddha’ is proudly located in Thailand at the Wat Muang Monastery. The World’s highest stupa is also located in Thailand, The Phra Pathom Chedi which stands tall at height of 127 meters.

11. The word ‘ Thailand’ originates from Prathet Thai and has a verbal meaning of ‘the land of free’.

12. The Magnificent Garuda is both the national and royal symbol of Thailand

13. Thailand has its own set of world records,  and it was Thai woman who spent a full 33 days and nights in a glass cabin brimming with scorpions and came out alive , setting a world record for Thailand.

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