Facts About Taylor Swift

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She is a heartthrob to many and immensely popular among teens and adults alike. Yes, we are talking about none other than the mistress of mantra, Taylor Swift! Whilst her love life is no more a private affair as all her feelings are depicted in her songs, other aspects of her life remain hidden from her fans. So let’s explore Taylor Swift. Listed below are ten facts about Taylor Swift we are sure you didn’t already know.

1) Taylor Swift is Almost Blind!

She has to wear contact lenses all the times because her eyesight is abnormally weak. Without proper laser surgery, the popular singer is nearly blind. While talking to Just Jared, she revealed that she has the ugliest pair of spectacles which she has to wear normally. Some of her fans are of the view point that the frames from ‘You Belong With Me’ video are the ones Swift regularly wears, but this isn’t the case.

2) Taylor Swift Hates Tattoos

Taylor Swift has revealed that she finds the thought of getting a tattoo terrifying and creepy and having a symbol or a shape on her body for the rest of her life is something she can’t make her peace with. She may make an exception for getting a no. 13 tattoo because that’s her lucky number.

3) Swift’s Pre-fame Job Involved Lots of Bugs

As a child, Swift lived on a Christmas tree farm. Just like all members of the family, she had to do her share of work. She was in charge of keeping the Christmas trees free of bugs. She had to knock off crawling insects like praying mantis from the trees. Her pre-fame jobs was definitely not glorious.

4) Her Granny was an Opera Singer

Her maternal Grandmother, Majorie Finlay was a talented and known opera singer. Music runs in Taylor’s blood. Not only Taylor shares her talent for music with her granny, she also bears striking resemblance to her in looks.

5) Swift’s Backup Plan – Novel Writing

When she was only 12, Taylor penned down a 350 words novel. Unluckily, it never got printed and the singer never showed any indication of doing so. Howbeit, we can be assured that Taylor is good with the words.

6) Baby Brother is now a High Profile Photographer:

Austin Swift, Taylor’s younger brother, did a photo shoot of his sister for 2009 People Magazine. He has now adopted his ambition as a part time career. Austin is working as a freelance photographer and has currently moved to Nashville, where rest of his family resides.

7) Taylor’s Dad has Always Been Supportive of Her

While we may see a lot of Taylor’s mom Andrea on media, Taylor claims that his father is more of the outgoing type amongst the two parents. He had always believed in Taylor’s talent and his faith in Taylor is reflected by the fact that he made an early investment in Big Machine Records.

8) Taylor is a Gifted Poet.

We all have heard her songs, which are a testimony to her poetic skills. Yet her poetic skills date back to her childhood. When she was in fourth grade, she penned a poem titled ‘Monster in My Closet’ which won a national poetry contest.

9) Taylor Swift’s Nicknames:

She is known as Tay, T – Swift, T – Sweezy, Swifty and T – Swizzle. Her mother named her Taylor because this name doesn’t give away the gender of the name’s owner.

10) Her First Music Lesson:

She received her first music lesson from a computer repairman at the age of 12 who taught her how to play three chords on guitar.

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