Facts About Taurus

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A major percentage of human populatio believe in Zodiac Horoscope. Some of us keep tabs on our horoscope with religious devotion, others give it a read once in a while. Nonetheless, Zodiac Horoscopes affect us in one way or the other. Every horoscope has some signature qualities which makes it different from the rest eleven. Those of us born during the time of April 21 to May 21 are categorized into the star Taurus.

We have collected a set of interesting facts about Taurus people, so read on!

1) Taurus Strengths:

Taurus are known to be dependable and persistent in their stance. Loyalty is their special trait which sets them apart. They have usually more patience than others and they are famous for their generosity.

2) Taurus Weaknesses:

Taurus can be pretty obstinate and cannot be moved easily. They can be annoyingly lazy and if you have a Taurus lover, you are in for a surprise because Taurus can be very, very possessive. Taurus often show materialistic traits which gives them an air of self-indulgence.

3) Possible Health Issues:

Taurus have been known to have rather weak ENT systems and are prone to catching cold, developing a sore throat and cough. Their digestive systems aren’t that strong either. Most Taurus are food-lovers, which is why they have a tendency to gain weight, become obese and unattractive. Taurus can become victim of tonsillitis and goitre as well.

4) Compatible Signs:

Studies reveal that Taurus will share the highest level of compatibility and friendship with a fellow Virgo, Leo, Libra and Scorpio.

5) Taurus As A Friend:

If you have Taurus friends, count yourself lucky because Taurus are excellent friends. They have a couple of close friends which mean the world to them. As mentioned earlier, Taurus are possessive which means that their friends are well protected and taken care of.  They treat their friends as family. Taurus take pride in being the host or hostess at social gatherings.  Taurus know how to pamper their friends at parties and social gatherings.

6) Taurus As A Business Partner:

Owing to their strong nature, Taurus don’t give up easily. They fight for what they believe in, which makes them perfect business partners. Taurus are generally good in dealing with the finances. They have a knack for investing money in the right place to gain profit.

7)  Taurus Disposition:

Most Taurus are sensitive and they usually make a big deal out of any negative comment passed on them. They don’t handle criticism well. They can be offended with minimal effort. Their laziness becomes particularly apparent when someone tries to boss them around by passing order. Taurus refuse to take orders which are not sugar coated well.

8) Taurus Deep Down:

Taurus spend a disciplined life. They do not cope well with changes and tend to get fidgety when some unexpected change occurs. New experiences and situations make them insecure. Taurus hardly open up to people and share their darkest secrets and deep down insecurities. They are secretive and tend to get hurt easily.

9) Dating A Taurus Woman?

A Taurus woman is patient and will be subtle in her art of seduction. Taurus woman wants stability and doesn’t tolerate a man who isn’t straight and honest with her. Taurus woman is old-fashioned and likes the idea of a gentleman. If you are dating her, she will pamper you and nurture you but in return, she demands your full attention, loyalty and devotion.

10) Renowned Taurus:

Queen Elizabeth, Janet Jackson, Florence Nightingale, David Beckham, Adolf Hitler, William Shakespeare.

These few globally renowned personalities belonged to the start Taurus.

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