Facts about Sweden

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Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Skagerrak, Kattegat, Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea. Sweden is a neighbor to several counties including Norway and Finland. It links Baltic and North seas and that makes it a strategic location along Danish straits. Though the geography is mostly flat, it has mountains in the west. A constitutional monarchy forms the government. Prime Minister is the head of the government while King is the chief of state. Sweden is a member of European Union (EU) as well. As for the Economic system, it follows a mixed economic system. They have government regulation and centralized economic planning in their economic system. It also ensures private freedom. Sweden has a total population of 9.7 million. Sweden has very low population density (21 per square kilometer). Population is mostly concentrated on the southern province of the country. About 85% of the population lives in the urban areas!

Fact 1) When we consider the land area, Sweden is the 3rd largest in EU – it is behind only France and Spain.

Fact 2) Swedish Vikings had a glorious past invading many parts of Europe – These invasions mainly happened during 9th and 10th centuries. They mainly targeted the areas in Eastern Europe. They went as far as Caspian Sea and Constantinople. They are responsible for founding the first kingdom of Russia. Swedish Vikings ruled as Tsars of Russia until Nicholas II, the last Tsars.

Fact 3) Sweden remains neutral in all wars since 1814 – And this includes World Wars I and II. Or in other words, Sweden always preferred peace over war. However, you should know the fact that Sweden is a great military power. Though the country is on peace’s side, there is a strict rule for everyone over 19 years to complete minimum 15 months of military service.

Fact 4) Sweden retained its currency despite being part of EU – When most of the countries bid good bye to their currency to embrace Euro, Sweden stuck with their currency, Krona.

Fact 5) Sweden gave birth to many talented singers and pop bands – Sweden gifted many pop bands and singers to the world, which includes ABBA, The Hives, Ace of Base, The Cardigans and Europe. Swedish music is so popular that it is the 3rd largest music exporter after United States and United Kingdom.

Fact 6) Swedish Meatballs is one of the most famous Swedish dishes – This one is usually served with lingonberry jam, boiled potatoes and gravy.

Fact 7) Sweden has a festival named crayfish party – They celebrate crayfish party (also known as Kraftskiva) is a summer drinking and eating celebration which falls in August every year. It’s a really fun festival and you should try to be part of it.

Fact 8) When it comes to sports, Sweden likes soccer and hockey the most – These two are considered to be the main sports in the country and both are equally popular. Sweden loves sports like golf, handball, gymnastics, cross country skiing and athletics.

Fact 9) Forests cover 50% of Sweden – Nature has been very kind to this beautiful country as they have 24,000 islands and 10,000 lakes. Sweden has right to public access laws in their county and that allows citizens to explore these beautiful areas. In short, Sweden is a really beautiful country. Millions of tourists flock to this country year after year. Most of the population lives in the urban areas. Due to this, population density is very less in Sweden.

Fact 10) Sweden houses Europe’s biggest shopping mall – This shopping mall is named Nordstan and it is located in Gothenburg. It has 180 shops and 150 offices. It occupies 320,000 meter square.

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