Facts about sugar!

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A little extra sugar would never hurt is the common thought we have before we add that extra dollop into our tea or coffee. What we don’t think about are the consequences that this extra sugar would result in. Although we see no direct effects on our physique that would mar our beauty except some weight maybe, this sugar is a silent killer in disguise. The leading cause of obesity and diabetes, sugar is also responsible for other menaces such as hypoglycemia, acne, high blood pressure and shockingly depression as well. Another fact that may come off as a surprise is that despite being an energy source, sugar is the cause of fatigue and depression as well. So all those out there with a sweet tooth, that extra piece of cake at night may cost them more heavily than what they’d bargained for. Here are some facts that I bet you’d never heard of before:

1.Market in America :
Average Americans alone consume a whopping 130 pounds of sugar every year. That amounts to around 3 pounds a week which equals to about 2 tons in a lifetime

2.Sugar in coke :
More than half the population of this world is entirely too fond of Coke. The Amazing thing is that in a single can of coke (around 12 ounces), the sugar present equals to 10 tea spoons.

3.The American Diet:
The average American diet is so high on sugar that if you cancel out all the sugary stuff you would subtract about 500 calories from the diet.

4.Sugar or cocaine?
Research shows that sugar addiction is as bad as cocaine addiction. And Brain scans show similarity in patterns between sugar and cocaine consumption. So that’s where the phenomena of sugar rush comes from! Imagine a day when people would be getting high on sugar.

5.It may make you act stupid:
Research shows that regular consumption of a diet high in fructose over a continuous period of time may actually lead to impairment of brain functions and takes away your ability to think. So you might not be as stupid as you think you are, it may actually be because of the diet you consume.

6.Brown sugar or white?
It is common belief that brown sugar is healthier than white and has less adverse effects. This may not be as true. Brown sugar is just a refined form of sugar with molasses added. The molasses bring in a touch of essential minerals such as calcium or potassium but the calorific value is just the same since the addition of these minerals is just in trace amounts. So brown bread and rice might be healthier than their white counterparts but not sugar.

Those delicate wildflowers swaying in their grassy surroundings are a sight to behold. But the sad truth is that they do not survive for long in their competition with the grasses growing around them. But we have just the right solution to hold this pretty sight for a little longer. Just add some sugar to the soil and you may be surprised at the results.

Liquid intake of sugar is more dangerous than solid intake so all those trying to stay healthy, keep those beverage bottles out of your reach.

There are at least sixty one different forms of sugar present out there, so next time you go through the list of ingredients on the back of any product you might want to look a little more closely!

10.Packaged products
We blame cookies and cakes and ice creams to be the major culprits in increasing our sugar intake but the real culprit are those packaged foods. Sugar does not only mean sweets, it may even come from your pasta or your pizza sauce.

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