Facts About Strawberries

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800px-Strawberries_with_hulls_-_scanIt doesn’t matter who we are and how old we are because, when strawberries are offered we could never say no to them. Some like them with chocolates, some with wine and some like them just the way they are. No matter how we like them, they will always remain an all time favourite for every single one of us. Here we are going to look at some interesting facts about strawberries.

Fact 1:We all know that kids between the age of 7 and 9 are the pickiest when it comes to food. A survey conducted amongst kids this age revealed strawberry was the favourite fruit of more than fifty three percentage of the participants. One cup of strawberries only has about 55 calories thus making it an ideal snack for people who watch their weight. Also, just 8 strawberries contain nearly 140% of our daily recommended consumption of Vitamin C.

 Fact 2: This lovely fruit is a member of the rose family and is the very first fruit to ripen in the spring season. Strawberries adapt themselves and grow in almost every climatic condition and terrain except for the continents of New Zealand, Africa and Australia. Belgium loves strawberries so much that it has a museum dedicated just for it!

Fact 3:Strawberries may belong to the rose family but these plants are unique since their seeds are on the outside of the fruit and there are close to 200 seeds on a strawberry. If you take a strawberry plant itself, almost seventy percent of the plant’s roots are in the first three inches of the soil!

Fact 4:The very first fruits or the early fruits during spring are very small. In the Americas alone, the per capita consumption of strawberries, in both fresh and frozen form, is 4.85 pounds. An American person is single-handily responsible for eating frozen strawberries to the tune of 1.8 pounds and fresh strawberries up to 3.4 pounds every year.

Fact 5:There is not a single province in Canada or a state in the United States that does not have strawberry cultivation. Lebanon, Oregon is known for its annual strawberry festival each year and is also known for its record breaking world’s largest strawberry shortcake.

Fact 6: In the Americas California is the largest producer of strawberries and it produces about seventy five percent of the American strawberry crops. It is also a known fact that California is responsible for producing 21 tonnes of strawberry every year and this state has over twenty three thousand acres cultivated with strawberry plants.

Fact 7:According to the officials, March through May would be the best season for strawberries when you get the best quality produce in California. However, strawberries are still available in this state anytime from January through November.

Fact 8:It is also stated that if we could take all of the strawberries produced in California on a yearly basis and place them in a line next to each other, the line of strawberries would go around the world 15 times!

Fact 9: Florida is known to be the second largest strawberry producer in America. In Florida, you can easily find strawberries from December to May however the best of quality can be found only during the months of March and April.

Fact 10:Strawberries need to be handled gently since they can easily break or bruise. Thanks to technological advancements and logistics that we can get strawberries throughout the year and not just during their peak seasons. Some commercial producers have made hybrid strawberries that do not bruise easily thus making it easy to ship them

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