Facts about sports!

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We all have a friend, or a sibling who’s addicted to sports and always has the TV tuned in to the sports channel, and has to watch all the games played by the teams they support no matter how insignificant it may be. So for all such people out there we have compiled a list of fun facts they would want to know:

1.Why do the Olympics rings have yellow, green, black, red and blue color only? This was indeed a very clever move as one of these five color appears in the flag of every country in the world. So the Olympics rings actually signify all countries in this world.

2.For the tennis lovers out there, do you know about the longest tennis match that was ever played in history? Well, the longest tennis match took place at Wimbledon in 2010 when John Isner from United States beat the French man Nicolas Mahut in eleven hour and five minutes long match which was completed over a duration of 3 days.

3.Ever wonder where all these cheer leaders originate from? The first cheer leading squad was introduced in 1972 when Dallas Cowboys hired NFL’s first ever cheer leading squad.

4.An embarrassing truth which is funny nevertheless; it is required of all major league baseball umpires to wear a black underwear under their pants, in case they split open their pants during the game!

5.Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player and entrepreneur earns a huge chunk of his earnings due to Ad and promotional campaigns for Nike, not surprisingly he makes more money than all other Nike models combined.

6.Around 3000 cows are needed to meet the leather required to provide the NFL with a year’s supply of footballs, No wonder the cows are disappearing so fast!

7.An average Golf ball has more than 350 dimples present on it, whoever counted them must have the patience of a saint since the roundness of the ball makes counting quite tedious, not to mention losing track would start the madness all over again

8.For each National Football League game played, it is required if the home team to provide the referee with 36 balls

9.The shiny baseball balls, with the factory manufactured sheen on them are quite slippery so Major league baseball rolls each ball in mud from a discrete location somewhere on the Delaware River before every match. This tradition has been passed down 75 years and continues into the future as well as the dirty balls ensure a better grip on the ball.

10.A question that has plagued many, Is the Olympic Gold made of real gold? The truth is that the last real gold medal was awarded in 1912, after that all gold medals are silver medals with a gold coat upon them.

11.The world was indeed quite strange in the past, in the early twentieth century an incomplete forward pass in football would result in a 15 year penalty for the players. That’s a bit too much, No? Not only this but an incomplete pass where the ball did not touch, would result in the handing over of the ball to the defense as well.

12.Man has carried golf to the moon as well. It was in 1971, when Alan shepherd played Golf on moon and made it the first ever sport to be played on moon.

13.Talking of cricket the first ever International cricket match was played between the United States and Canada in 1844, with Canada taking away the win. And the first test match was played between Australia and England in 1877.

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