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FACT 1: Obesity is a chronic and complex disease which is characterized by the presence of a large amount of fat in the body.

FACT 2: Obese people are said to be at higher risks of suffering from coronary heart disease, cancers, strokes, and sleep apnea. Obesity can also result in low self-esteem.

FACT 3: According to the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, about 60 million people, constituting 30 percent of adults in the United States over the age of 20, are suffering from obesity.

FACT 4: The statistics information from 1980 revealed that the number of young adults who were obese has now increased three times since 1980.

FACT 5: About 16 percent, or more than 9 million American children and teenagers between the ages  of 6 and 19 years, are observed to be obese.  According to the reports of the National Institute of Health, about 25 percent of children and adolescents are suffering from obesity. The American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that most children suffering from Type 2 diabetes are obese.

FACT 6: The body mass index, or BMI, is one way of recognizing obesity. The body mass index is evaluated by dividing the weight of an individual with his squared weight.

FACT 7: According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity in people can lead to various ailments like Type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, and high blood pressure.

FACT 8: In the 1990s, the mortality rate due to heart attacks in people ranging in age from 15 to 34 years has risen to 32 percent in females and 10 percent in males.

FACT 9: The research carried out at the National Cancer Institute determines that several types of cancers like; colon, rectum, thyroid, gall bladder, breast, kidney, uterus lining, esophagus, and pancreas are related to obesity.

FACT 10: Obesity also accelerates puberty in girls according to the study published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

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