Facts About Nuclear Energy

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The utilization of nuclear processes for the production of heat or electricity is commonly referred to as the nuclear energy. Rare earth elements are most commonly utilized for the production of nuclear energy. The process via which nuclear energy is produced can be divided into two primary categories, the fusion reaction in which a junction of the nuclei of corresponding atoms is formed, and the fission reaction which is essentially the opposite of fusion reaction and the nuclei of corresponding atoms break apart under such circumstances. There are a number of interesting facts associated with nuclear energy. Let’s take a closer look at some of the prominent facts.

Fact 1:

Almost all of the nuclear power plants around the globe make use of nuclear fission reactions in order to produce nuclear energy. Nuclear fusion, while being potentially safer, is still under development in order to be utilized by the huge nuclear power plants.

Fact 2:

While a number of different rare earth elements can serve the purpose of producing nuclear energy, Uranium is commonly the element of priority for most of the nuclear power plants due to its efficacy in getting the job done. Uranium has to be mined and happens to be a non-renewable source of energy.

Fact 3:

A nuclear power plant is required to shut its operations temporarily in every 18-24 months in order to initiate the cleaning process of the uranium fuel that has been spent. The radioactive waste brings medical implications provided that it has not been removed.

Fact 4:

Nuclear power plants are known to be environment friendly since they do not produce any of the greenhouse gases during the production of nuclear energy. Such power plants are responsible for at least 13% of the world’s electricity according to the latest estimate.

Fact 5:

At the moment, more than 30 countries are known to benefit from the production of nuclear energy via large nuclear power plants and the number is bound to raise in the years to come. According to the latest reports, Mars rovers are also powered with the utilization of nuclear energy.

Fact 6:

The production of nuclear energy in the nuclear power plants can be done 24/7 and that also at an incredibly amazing efficiency rate of 91%. It is indispensable to mention here that the aforementioned data corresponds to the method of nuclear energy production with minimal emissions.

Fact 7:

America happens to be the largest consumer of nuclear energy that is being produced in the nuclear power plants. According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that at least 70% of emission free power of America is an outcome of nuclear power plants.

Fact 8:

During the construction of an all new nuclear facility, 1400-1800 high paying jobs are created and the number is raised to around 3500 when the construction is at its peak. Not only does such a facility homes 400-700 permanent employees but the salary of such an employee is reported to be at least 36-44% higher than the average salary which is commonly offered in the surrounding area.

Fact 9:

According to the latest reports, the nuclear power plants located within the United States of America are capable of producing around 2000 metric tons of nuclear and radioactive waste per year.

Fact 10:

One in every five household or even business in United States of America is known to be powered with the utilization of nuclear energy that is produced in the huge nuclear power plants. Such nuclear facilities of USA are strictly regulated and are constantly and thoroughly observed for proper functioning.

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