Facts About Nepal

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Nepal is a mountainous country in South Asia bordered only by India in the South and China in the North.  The Himalayan mountain ranges spread across Nepal including the world’s tallest and grandest, Mt. Everest.  Home to 27 million people, Nepal heavily relies on tourism and agriculture to boost its economy.  Aside from Mt. Everest and its other majestic mountains, Nepal has other interesting features that make it a fascinating country to visit.  Here are some facts and features of Nepal:

Fact 1:  8 of the 14 highest mountains in the world are all located in Nepal.  Many people may only know of Mt. Everest which is the highest mountain, but there are 7 other tall mountains in Nepal’s Himalayan Region which are just as grand and make the country a true climber’s haven.

Fact 2:  Nepal attracts a quarter of a million tourists every year and half of these are climbers.  With most of the country belonging to the highlands or Himalayan Region, Mt. Everest and other high mountain peaks attract professional climbers and climbing enthusiasts from different parts of the world.  Many climbing expeditions are organized by travel agencies in Nepal which further attracts more touring climbers.

Fact 3:  Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Half of its 27 million residents live on about 1 US dollar a day.  These people are mostly farmers who can barely survive with basic needs every single day.

Fact 4:  The Nepali calendar is way advance than the Gregorian calendar from which much of the world follows.  2015 in the world is translated to Year 2072 in Nepal with the New Year celebrated in mid-April instead of January 1st in most Western Countries.

Fact 5:  Cows are very sacred in Nepal.  Much of Nepal is inhabited by Hindus and this is the main reason why cows are considered as sacred animals.  Slaughtering cows is banned and illegal in Nepal.

Fact 6:  Only Nepal’s official flag has a double triangular shape.  All other countries in the world have rectangular or square flags.

Fact 7:  Nepal is home to the world’s shortest man.  Based on the Guinness Book of World Records, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a Nepali, is given the title of world’s shortest man at only 54.6 centimetres.

Fact 8:  Nepal is the biggest producer of mustard seeds in the whole world.  Aside from its tourism industry, the high fertile lands of Nepal also make its agriculture industry a significant contributor to the country’s economy.  Nepal is also the 3rd biggest producer of ginger worldwide.

Fact 9:  Buddha’s birthplace is located in Nepal.  In a place called Lumbini, the Queen Mayadevi was said to have given birth to the Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama.  Hindus and Buddhists from all over Asia and the rest of the world flock to this site to honor the Buddha.

Fact 10:  Some of the world’s highly endangered animals call Nepal home.  The Bengal tiger, snow leopard, and the red panda are all endangered and can be found in the forests of Nepal.

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