Facts About Music

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Italian_Folk_Musicians_in_EdinburghAs we all know, music is an integral part of all our lives. We can’t imagine a world without music. Music is very powerful. It can totally change your moods. And there are several benefits attached with listening to music. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts regarding music.

Fact 1) Music can manipulate emotions – Brain releases chemical called dopamine when one listens to music. This is a very powerful and essential chemical for the proper functioning of the brain. Dopamine has the ability to manipulate our emotions. The effect of music can be compared to other pleasures including having sex, eating food etc. All these are rewarding including music.

Fact 2) Club owners in Europe created “Silent discos” due to noise ordinance – Silent discos means clubbers will have to listen to music through headphones. Club owners stopped using speaker system and instead they started using wireless headphones. Using an FM transmitter, the music is broadcasted to the clubber’s headphones. And that’s why it’s called “silent discos.” Silent discos are apt for music festivals.

Fact 3) Doctors say that music can be used to treat Parkinson’s disease and strokes – Studies have revealed that music therapy is very effective for peoples who have Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Music can also be used to treat depression, anxiety and also stroke victims. Difficulty initiating movement is one of the characteristics of Parkinson’s disease and this can be treated with music. Music therapy triggers the neurons that translate the music in to organized movement. Music therapy was also helpful in fighting impaired speech.

Fact 4) Kanye West’s Music Video “All The Lights” can cause seizures – When it comes to reflex epilepsy, photosensitive epilepsy is the common form. People with this condition were at risk as far as Kanye West’s new music video is concerned. This video has lyrics, flashing lights and quick video edits. The way the video is made make it very troublesome to those who are photosensitive. The British organization Epilepsy Action even requested that the video be taken down. The video was removed from YouTube for a brief period, until it reappeared with a disclaimer for people with photosensitivity.

Fact 5) Playing instruments can be good for the brain – Studies reveal that there are intellectual benefits if one learns to play instruments at young age. Learning to play an instrument can improve the ability of the brain. First and foremost, it increases brain activity. And studies have revealed that music can significantly improve IQ. Learning and listening to classical music can be very useful for the brain since the sound frequencies used are very specific. It also places mind in highly distinctive states.

Fact 6) Surgeons operate better while listening to music – Music has the ability to lower the stress levels considerably and this can be quite useful for the surgeons. They will be able to perform more effectively with the help of music. However, the surgeon should himself choose the tunes he wants to listen to. If somebody else chooses, it can diminish his performance.

Fact 7) The growth of the flowers can be improved with music – Yes, it’s been established that flowers can grow faster with the help of music. Well, nature is full of great surprises.

Fact 8) Though a great performer, Elvis Presley never wrote his songs – It’s not a secret that he didn’t write his songs. This can be the case of many other musicians as well including Beatles.

Fact 9) The song Jingle Bells was actually a Thanksgiving song – We all associate Jingle Bells song with Christmas. But the strange thing is that it was written as a Thanksgiving song. James Pierpont wrote this song in 1857 for his church’s Thanksgiving program. The song was originally titled “One horse open sleigh.” The popularity led to the widespread use of the song during Christmas. Today, it is the most popular Christmas song in the world.

Fact 10) The original lyrics of the “Happy Birthday to you” song was “Good Morning to you”. The song became popular with the 2nd lyrics in 1920s.

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