Facts About Microsoft

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Microsoft is arguably one of the biggest tech brands in the world.  Since its official inception as a company in 1976, Microsoft has dominated the tech industry and produced many successful and popular products in the field of computer hardware, software, and the rest of technology. From its humble beginnings to providing a user-friendly computer software, the company with headquarters in Redmond Virginia has withstood the times and continues to grow and still become one of the world’s greatest and most successful tech companies.  The following are some interesting facts about the tech giant:

Fact 1:  Microsoft started off as “Micro-soft”.  In a 1975 email by Bill Gates to co-founder Paul Allen, he referred the company as “Micro-soft” with a hyphen separating “micro” for microcomputers and “soft” for software.

Fact 2:  Microsoft employees prefer pizza and orange juice over other food items.  In the so-called Microsoft campus, 37 cafeterias serve a variety of free dishes to almost 40,000 employees but pizza and orange juice turned up to be the all-time favorites.

Fact 3:  All Microsoft projects and campaigns are given codenames.  New products and software are given their own nicknames or codenames like Project Longhorn or Vienna among thousands of others. Marketing campaigns are also given codenames of their own.  In the case of Project Mojave, the products of Microsoft were being pushed to younger audiences to make things look fresh and new.

Fact 4: An average Microsoft employee should earn more than 100,000 dollars a year.  This figure is only an average for a computer programmer or developer and many employees are actually earning so much more than this.

Fact 5:  Every Microsoft employee’s anniversary is celebrated with chocolate candies.  As a tradition in the Redmond campus, employees provide a pound of M&M candies for every year of service they have rendered for the tech giant.

Fact 6:  The Microsoft office is not only home to the brightest geeks but also to thousands of art pieces.  At least 5000 works of art are displayed all over the Microsoft campus in Virginia.  Paintings and drawings adorn the walls along with sculptures and photos in different areas.

Fact 7:  Microsoft owns more than 10,000 patents making it one of the top 5 in the US.  These patents mostly involved highly technical stuff and are created by their employees on a regular basis.  Patent contributors are even given fat bonuses for their work.

Fact 8:  Lots of bunnies freely roam around Microsoft’s headquarters.  These bunnies are said to be leftovers from previous Easter celebrations and have now become part of the Microsoft family.

 Fact 9:  Around 1.5 billion people use Microsoft’s Windows every day.  This is where Microsoft leads the pack in terms of operating system used. Most people use Windows as their computer’s main operating system.

Fact 10:  Microsoft is also big in terms of charity.  Their employee-giving program has already shelled out 1 billion dollars in support for charitable causes.  The company itself has also given close to 7 billion US dollars for various non-profit organizations and other charitable organizations across the globe.

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