Facts About Medusa

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In the world of Greek mythology, Medusa is one of the more famous villainous characters because of her monster-like looks and abilities. Medusa is famous for the snakes in her hair and her ugly appearance.  Her eyes also have the ability to turn men into stone whenever they look at her.  Such is the power of Medusa making her a feared character.  Aside from this ability, Medusa is also interesting because of the following:

Fact 1:  Medusa has two other sisters but she is to be the only mortal.  Her life was ended by the popular character of Perseus through decapitation.  Perseus was able to battle with her without directly looking at her eyes and eventually killed her.

Fact 2:  Medusa used to have long and golden hair.  Before she was cursed with monster-like looks and snakes on her head, Medusa was known to be a beautiful lady with long golden hair.

Fact 3: Medusa had beautiful fair skin before turning to snake green when she was cursed by Athena.  With her fair and white skin, Medusa was considered a beautiful lady before her encounter with Athena who cursed her with her ugly looks.

Fact 4:  Medusa’s love for Poseidon turned her into a monster with very ugly looks and snakes on her head.  Medusa was said to fool around with Poseidon and this angered the goddess Athena who turned her into an ugly and angry character.

Fact 5: Africa is infested with various species of snakes because of Medusa.  Small snakes were said to fall off from Medusa’s head during her self-exile in Africa after she was cursed by Athena.  In Africa, she wandered from one place to another because she was trying to hide herself from others.  The snakes from her head were considered to be the origin of all snake species in the African continent.

Fact 6:  Medusa’s blood from her decapitated head paved the way to the birth of Pegasus, the winged horse of Perseus.  After Medusa died, Perseus was said to keep her head and the blood from it became the so-called seed for Pegasus.

Fact 7:  Medusa’s head became a weapon for Perseus.  Medusa’s body may have died but her head remained a powerful weapon as it still contained the eyes that can turn people into stone.  Perseus used Medusa’s head in some of his battles against monsters and enemies.

Fact 8:  Athena also made use of Medusa’s head as a type of ornament. With snakes that replaced the strands of her hair, Medusa’s head became useful for Athena’s shield in the form of a decorative item.

Fact 9:  Medusa’s head became an inspiration for so-called talismans that can turn away evil spirits.   Talismans or apotropes were adorned or designed with Medusa’s famous head full of snakes and these are believed to be effective against evil.

Fact 10: Medusa’s reputation as an angry monster made her even more famous in the Western world.  Women who are always angry for example are often referred to as Medusas or Gorgons referring to the term used to Medusa and her sisters or family.

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