Facts About Los Angeles:

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Los Angeles, commonly known by its initials L.A., is one of the major cities of Southern California region. It is located at approximately 342 miles south of San Francisco. According to the statistics of 2010, this city breeds a total population of 3,792,621. After New York, L.A. is the second biggest city of the US and it is the most populous city in California. L.A is famous for its ethnic diversity and the thriving film and television industry of the US.

Listed below are some interesting facts about L.A. which you may not have known before. So read on!.

1) Historical Name:

At the time its foundation was laid, LA was known as El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula, instead of the sophisticated and brief name with which it is now known. Its old name translates to “The town of our lady queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.”.

2) Oil Production:

The first discovery of oil was made in L.A. in 1892 at the same place which is now known as Dodger Stadium. By 1923, L.A. was contributing to one quarter of the world’s oil requirements.

3) Rainfall Pattern:

L.A. often faces heavy downpour. To estimate the rate at which water pours down in L.A. a gauge was set in the San Gabriel Mountains and it collected one inch of rain only in one minute. In February 1978, L.A. was flooded with one foot of rain in only 24 hours.

4) The Santa Monica Pier:

The famous Santa Monica Pier was originally planned for the protection of a sewage pipe which discarded sewage into ocean.

5) Economy:

L.A. has a thriving economy. Has it been an independent country, it’s economy would have surpasses that of Switzerland’s, Saudi Arabia’s and Sweden’s.

6) Hollywood Hype:

The famous Hollywood sign located in L.A. originally said Hollywoodland. The sign signified an advertisement for the latest real estate development  of Tinseltown.

7) Railway Line:

L.A. has the shortest railway line, the Angeles Flight and it has a track length of 320 feet.

8) L.A. – The Hub of Dead Actors:

The Forever Cemetery at L.A. is home to tons of famous Hollywood actors who have passed away. One of the actors buried in Forever Cemetery is Mel Blanc, who was the voice behind Looney Tunes. The words “That’s all Folks” are engraved on his gravestone.

9) Highways:

L.A. has a rather complicated freeway system which is crowded with traffic 24/7. The centralized freeway system offers access to L.A. via a number of north-south and east-west routes.

10) L.A’s Stance on Baggy Suits:

After the zoot suit riot which took place in 1943, L.A. has put a ban on baggy suits to avoid any future confrontations.

11) Configuration of Dodger Stadium:

Dodger stadium has a very different configuration to other baseball stadiums. It is carved deep into earth and there are different levels of the stadium. There is separate parking for each level of the stadium.

12) Population:

L.A. has a huge population and only New York’s population surpasses the figures of L.A. L.A is famous for its ethnic diversity. L.A. is home to a number of casts and creeds and people belonging to different religions. White, black, Pacific Islander and American Indian Hispanics are some of the major ethnic groups found in L.A.

13) Configuration of Walt Disney Hall:

In the beginning, the walls of Walt Disney Concert Hall reflected light to the extent that sidewalks reached temperatures as high as 140°F. The walls of the concert hall were made of steel.

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