Facts About Libra

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Constellation Libra

The zodiac sign ‘Libra’ is represented by a balance and all people who fall within this zodiac sign are considered to be balanced in their outlook and approach. All those born between September 24 and October 23 are considered to be Librans (something most of us already know). The strengths of Librans are their diplomacy, hospitability, peaceful nature, gracefulness, and of course their idealism (this is also something we have experienced if we have a Libran friend or relative). But there are other aspects of Librans that you might not be aware of – for instance, did you know that they are highly indecisive? Read on to know more…

Fact 1:

Libra is not just a zodiac sign but also part of a constellation, or was part of another constellation! The stars of Libra were part of the Scorpius constellation, previously. In fact, two of its brightest stars – Zubeneschamali and Zubenelgenubi, were the claws of the scorpion. They literally mean the ‘northern claw’ and ‘southern claw’, respectively. If you want to find the “Libra” in the heavens, look to the west of the Scorpius constellation.

 Fact 2:

The Romans were the ones that separated Libra from its original constellation. During the Autumnal equinox, when the sun entered this constellation, the days and nights were equal or “balanced”. That is how this zodiac sign acquired its symbol.

 Fact 3:

Librans love being around people; in fact, they are a people’s person. But they are also crowd detesters. They want to be surrounded by people who know them and whom they know! So, their parties are full of family or friends!

 Fact 4:

If you are wondering how to impress your Libran partner, think “classy”! Librans have taste for the finer things of life and appreciate luxury and class. Sometimes, it can spill over a bit too much and result in extra indulgence! Well, for a star sign so full of positive energy and charm, there ought to be some weakness!!

 Fact 5:

Librans are great lovers and partners! Their charm and diplomacy work over-time when it comes to making feel others good; making them the best friend, partner or sibling to have. Deep down, stability and warmth are what Librans look for in their partners; so if you are looking to impress a “Libran” that’s the way to go!

 Fact 6:

With all their diplomacy and empathy, “anger” seems an out of place emotion in the dictionary of Librans. But, they are humans and so are bound to get angry; however, they do not hold it for too long unless you have really messed it up with them. Mostly, Librans try to conceal their anger and act neutral or unaffected!


Come to think of it, most Librans are great orators or persuasive talkers. If you are feeling frustrated that you always end up agreeing to what they say, don’t be upset; persuasion is part and parcel of the “Libran” package.


Librans are ruled by the planet “Venus” – the God of love and beauty! So, besides owning a charming or beautiful personality; they are also great fans of good looks. Want to impress a Libran? Either have the good looks or appreciate their good looks! Although some may misunderstand that for vanity, they are just admirers of all things beautiful; it is as simple as that!

 Fact 9:

One reason why Librans are popular as friends is their attentive empathy. They always lend a keen ear to their friend’s woes and are sensitive to others’ emotions. Add that to their diplomacy and socially outgoing nature, and you have one of the best friends you could ask for!

 Fact 10:

Librans are not just balanced in their emotions and relationships but also in their artistic pursuits. Their appreciation of beauty and love just makes them even better artists!


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