Facts About Left-Handed People

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Left-handed woman

Fact 1: The right-handedness was described as a genetic trait by the researchers while the empirical studies and studies made on identical twins could not conclude that left-handedness was a genetic trait. This research study indicates that a child born with both parents as left-handed have only 35 percent chances of becoming left-handed.

Fact 2: Religions like Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism have considered left-handedness as a negative form.

Fact 3: The language also is a source for the recorded misunderstanding towards the left-handers. The word left was found to have originated from an Anglo Saxon word called ‘œLyft, ‘œwhich means ‘œweak. ‘œ

Fact 4: Previously, left-handed individuals were considered as mentally deficient with behavioral and emotional problems. They were also thought to be having immunological problems and a short life span. The left-handed child is still exposed to various crude and subtle pressures, and they are made to adapt to those pressures.

Fact 5: The left-handed individuals will face bitter reactions towards their handwriting while the teacher criticizes the child handling the science projects. The equipment and instruments that were made for the sake of right-handed people will not be convenient for the left-handed person to hold  and use. This part was not understood by the teacher before he or she criticized the left-handed people.

Fact 6: The computer keyboard has several keys that are commonly used and arranged on the right side. This fact is definitely a disadvantage for left-handed individuals.

Fact 7: When the left-handed people participate in large dinners, they have very few choices for selecting their places as they might hit the elbows of the right-handed individuals.

Fact 8: The left-handed people also find it difficult to sit in a lecture hall in between others, and they might not feel comfortable writing.

Fact 9: The computer mouse is typically made for right-handed individuals and is difficult to be used by the left-handed people.

Fact 10: Many electric and electronic appliances are made typically for right-handed people.


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