Facts About Lebron James

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Lebron James is one of NBA’s greatest players of all time.  Often compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Lebron James has his own NBA records and titles under his belt making him a successful and very popular player in professional basketball.  James was also part of the so-called basketball Dream Team that took home 1 bronze and 2 gold medals in the last 3 Olympic Games. The following are some of the most noteworthy facts about this great basketball star:

Fact 1:  At 18, Lebron’s drafting in the NBA made him the youngest player in the league’s history.  Joining the Cleveland Cavaliers after his high school basketball season, James would go on to make his name one of the biggest in NBA.

Fact 2: Under the Cavaliers franchise, Lebron James is their first player to become NBA’s Rookie of the Year. This special award is so coveted among the young players of the NBA and Lebron James has gotten this award as a young Cavalier.

Fact 3:  Youngest to score 20,000 points.  This is another great milestone that Lebron James achieved while being part of the NBA.  As a member of the Miami Heat, Lebron clinched this record back in January 2013.

Fact 4:  The popularity of Lebron James during his rookie season has dramatically improved tickets sales in the Cavaliers arena.  Ticket sales went up to as high as 50% more for the home games of the Cleveland Cavaliers simply because of Lebron James being part of the team.

Fact 5:  Lebron James signed a multi-million deal with Nike even before he played his first game on the NBA as a rookie for the Cleveland cavaliers. He even inked this deal even before he officially signed for the Cavs.  Lebron was already famous for his skills when he was still in high school making him an important catch for the Nike brand.

Fact 6:  Lebron James also played football in high school.  Besides his basketball skills, James was also a football player during his high school days.

Fact 7:  James was the first black or African-American to grace the cover of Vogue magazine.  This magazine is known to feature celebrities with fair complexions, but James’ popularity and celebrity status basically earned him a cover which is a first for any person of color.

Fact 8:  Lebron James also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine when he was still in high school.  Back in 2002, James was only the 8th high school basketball player that got featured on the cover of this prestigious sports magazine in its almost 50 years of history.

Fact 9:  Art was Lebron James’ favorite subject in school. Not many may associate art and creativity to Lebron, who is more known for his basketball statistics and skills, but this guy actually favors art and this explains why he is also deeply involved with his shoe designs for the Nike brand.

 Fact 10:  Lebron James shoots the ball with the right hand but writes using the left hand.  James is actually ambidextrous and can do different tasks using both hands.  He can shoot the basketball using either hands but is more known to score points with his right hand.  When it comes to writing, Lebron prefers his left hand.

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