Facts About Knights

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Knights refer to the famous warriors of the Middle Ages.  During this period in history, kings, queens, and other royals were the rulers of any piece of land. These so-called kingdoms were protected and kept in place by knights. These knights perform the function of guards, soldiers, and policemen who keep the royal family and the whole kingdom safe.  They are also sent out to battle with enemies in other areas or countries.  Knights have become popular and interesting because of the following facts:

Fact 1:  Knights are also rulers. As part of an agreement with the kings and queens they serve, knights are actually given a piece of land or property which they can rule. Termed as “knight-service” this agreement with royals helps knights support themselves and stay loyal with their service to the royal family.

Fact 2: All knights are expected to protect their code of chivalry. This code basically relates to their vows and oaths to the kingdom and people they serve.  Part of the code involves their truthfulness and loyalty to the kingdom and their proper conduct when dealing with affairs of the royal family and with women and children.  Participating in fasting and abstinence of some activities are also part of the knights’ code of chivalry.

Fact 3:  Knights have very heavy armors.  A full body armor can weigh up to 50 lbs which could be a very heavy extra weight when doing physically challenging activities.  An armor this heavy also requires strength from the knight especially when engaged in a fight or battle.

Fact 4:  It takes 14 years of training to become a knight. The training typically starts at about 7 years of age with most activities involving games and sports.  When the long period of training is completed, a person can then be fully knighted and gets the title of ” Sir”.

Fact 5:  Knights start off as errand boys. The training to become a knight starts during childhood with minimal task and duties. For the first 7 years of training, the trainee or page will be required to run various errands.  The next 7 years the page becomes a squire which is like being a personal butler to a knight.

Fact 6:  Knights participated in religious crusades for about 200 years.  These crusades were aimed at claiming the Holy Land and driving out non-Christians or Muslims.

Fact 7:  Knighthood could not be completed without jousting.  Knights typically engage in a one-on-one battle with other knights called jousting. This activity is often done as part of their training and during breaks or in between crusades and wars.

Fact 8:  Knights have their own coat of arms. The coat of arms is typically displayed on their shields and these form as their unique identity.  Each knight has a different design to distinguish one from the other.

Fact 9:  Knights who have broken the code of chivalry and those who have become disloyal are considered as disgraced knights.  Their dishonor to the kingdom is also symbolized by the hanging of their shield upside down. Their spurs are also often removed and cut off.

Fact 10:  Modern knighthood requires no more body armor or shields.  In present times, people that have greatly helped and contributed to society may be given the title of “Sir” and become “knights”.

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