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Fact 1: Kissing expresses many sentiments like passion, love, greeting, affection, respect, good luck, and friendship.

Fact 2: Depending on the relationship, context, or the culture of the people, kissing is done on the lips, cheeks, head, or hand.

Fact 3: Kissing in each of the above mentioned ways has a different social significance. In the Western countries, kissing on the cheeks is a common and usual form of greeting people.

Fact 4: In spiritual research, it has been identified that people usually are affected by negative energies. So the exchange of subtle energies between two people during hugging and touching might result in the creation of some negative effects. These dangerous effects are not perceived by the people due to the lack of a sixth sense.

Fact 5: The touch between two people increases the transfer of subtle energies to one another. The exchange of energies may not happen much in the case of greetings that do not involve touching.

Fact 6: If two people look at each other with a lot of concentration, the transfer of subtle energies will take place based on the kind of negative energies that are involved.

Fact 7: Through handshakes and hugs, the energy transferred from one to another will be easy. Kissing on the hand or the cheeks will transfer more energy while mouth-to-mouth kissing will transfer an extremely high energy level.

Fact 8: In the spiritual perspective, negative energies easily enter into the body through the mouth, nose, ears, etc. This is due to the presence of the cosmic element of water in the mouth. Eating food is one of the ways which can attract negative energies in a person. Mouth-to-mouth kissing customarily results in the exchange of negative energies.

Fact 9: As the mouth is the outlet for the respiratory system and digestive system in the body, the negative energies from the body become accumulated in the mouth before they are transferred.

Fact 10: Kissing mouth-to-mouth generates a deep sense of sexual intimacy and triggers an emotional response in another person which, in turn, will subvert the mind. The negative energies can take advantage of the subversive mind.

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