Facts about Ice Cream

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1.Ice Cream Recipe
The ice cream recipe was discovered by Christopher Columbus. It was introduced to North America 250 years after its discovery. Prior to the discovery of milk-based ice creams in the 10th century, ice creams were made from ice.

 2.Large Scale Production
Production of ice cream in large scale started in Boston, United States in 1851. Ice cream became widely accepted as a great summer time treat during World War II when ice cream made in the United States was issued to military troops.  To date, United States remains the world’s largest consumer of ice cream. On average, one person takes about 48 pints of ice cream each year and 90% of households in the United States consume ice cream.

 3.Largest Ice Cream Sundae
The largest ice cream sundae ever made was created in Edmonton, Canada. This Sundae weighed 24 tons and was created in 1988. In 1904, ice cream cones were invented during a World Fair held in St. Louis. The discovery was triggered by a huge demand for ice cream. An ice cream vendor was forced to get help from a waffle vendor close by. Together, the vendors invented ice cream cone and made history.

 4.Popular Ice Cream Flavors
The most popular ice cream flavor is Vanilla. It is followed by strawberry, chocolate, cookies n’ cream among other ice cream flavors. The most uncommon ice cream flavors are the hot dog flavor which was created in United States’ Arizona state.

 5.Ice Cream Sales
Ice cream sellers sell more ice cream on Sundays than on any other day. This makes Sunday their most profitable day. United States is the world’s largest ice cream producer. Within the United States, most ice cream is produced in California. In 2003, more than 121 million gallons of ice cream were produced in this state alone.  Other big producers of ice cream include Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Texas. According to market analysts, ice cream sales tend to go up many times in times of war or recession. The amount of money that is moved by the ice cream industry in the U.S alone is more than 21 billion dollars.

 6.Ice Cream in Continental Europe
Ice cream was introduced to continental Europe by Marko Polo towards the end of the 13th Century. Marko had returned to Italy with tales of travel to china. People in France began eating ice cream in public in 1660. Historians link ice cream to Alexander the Great who liked to eat snow flavored with honey and nectar between 356 and 323 BC.

 7.National Ice Cream Month
The month July is considered to be the National Ice Cream Month in the United States. The most preferred ice cream topping in the U.S is chocolate syrup. A single cone of ice cream is finished in about 50 licks.

 8.Making Ice Cream
12 gallons of milk are needed to produce a single gallon of ice cream. Throughout her life, a single dairy cow has the capacity to produce milk that is enough to make 9000 ice cream gallons. A single cup of vanilla ice cream has 273 calories. The standard machine for making ice cream has 3 levers; two are for twisting while one lever is for flavors.

 9.Types of Ice Cream
There are many types of ice cream that can be made. They include ordinary ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, reduced fat ice cream, gelato, frozen custard among others. The biggest ice cream cake ever made weighed 12,096 pounds.

 10.Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze is an effect that occurs when cold ice comes into contact with the roof of the mouth. This makes head blood vessels to dilate. The end of World War II was celebrated with eating ice cream. The ice cream bean, a fruit with a taste similar to vanilla ice cream is found in Hawaii.

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