Facts about History

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History is a deep, dark and mysterious place. There is so much that has happened over the last few centuries that have not been documented. But a lot of what is documented has been left unread and unheard of. Here are some mind boggling facts about history.

Fact no 1: The American flag with its 50 stars was designed and created by a 17 year old college student Robert G. Heft. His teacher was not impressed by his efforts and he was awarded a B- for his design. But fortunately for him, his design was chosen to represent the United States of America. Upon his design being chosen by the President’s proclamation the teacher changed the grade to A.

Fact no 2: During his presidency when Richard Nixon ordered that workplaces should taped only 3500 hours of footage had been taped from the white house along with other executive offices. From these 3500 hours only 200 hours were related to Watergate. When Nixon died in 1994 only 63 hours of the total footage recorded had ever been made public.

Fact no 3: The song “Letter from Vietnam” by Ssgt. Barry Sadler was the number 1 song during 1966 in America. The funny thing was that it was rumoured to be the number one song in Germany too. Some say that it rose to such popularity because it was officially banned and thus prompted a high number of dare daredevils to listen to this song.

Fact no 4: The year 1960 has been proclaimed as one of the darkest years because of the alleged use of Marijuana in huge quantities. Contrary to what people believe, this year has had to suffer through a bad name for no reason at all. In 1969 only 4% of the American population had tried marijuana while only 34% of them knew what it was and what it could do to you.

Fact no 5: In 2005, George W. Bush became the victim of a failed assassination attempt. A grenade was thrown at him by a man named as Valdimir Arutyunian, but fortunately the grenade failed to explode and George W. Bush lived to see another day.

Fact no 6: We are never quite done with the mysteries of battles and keeping that in view it is quite worthy to note that in a single day on the battle field, a local railway station became the centre of clashes at the Battle of Stalingrad. This local rail way station bounced between the possession of the Soviets and the Russians at least 14 times in the space of 6 hours only!

Fact no 7: The civil wars of America are one of the bloodiest wars and they are wars that have left a huge impact on the history and culture of America. It is reportedly known that the Federal Government of America is still paying for the pension of the survivors of Civil War. It has been paying pensions to the wives of the soldiers and in some cases to their children. The last civil war widow departed from this Earth in 2003.

Fact no 8: Warner Bros Inc, with all of its marvel and glory might seem like a recent creation. But the truth is that it was founded just a few months before the Ottoman Empire fell.

Fact no 9: History time and again speaks of how impressive the Roman Empire was. But if the amount of area that it covered is taken into account, it will be seen that it only spanned over 2.51 million square kilometres and thus can only be ranked as the 19th biggest Empire in the history of the world.

Fact no 10: The time span between the T-Rex and Stegosaurus is greater than the time span between humans and T-Rex. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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