Facts About Helen Keller


Fact 1: Helen Keller was born on June 27th, 1880 at Tuscumbia in Alabama. Helen had two half-brothers and one sister. She has a high fever in childhood and fell severely ill which left her blind and deaf.

Fact 2: Helen Keller was the first person to attend college being a deaf, blind person. She graduated from Radcliffe College in the year 1904.

Fact 3: Dr. Alexander Graham Bell insisted Helen’s father write to Perkins Institute for her education. The Perkins Institute sent a teacher named Ann Sullivan to teach Helen. Miss Sullivan taught Helen to read braille. Miss Sullivan helped Helen most of her life.

Fact 4:  Helen went to Horace Mann School for learning French, English, and German. Helen also went to Wright-Hunason School and Cambridge School for Young Ladies for her education.

Fact 5: Helen Keller was the first person to write a book by being deaf and blind in the year 1902. Among the 14 books that she wrote in her lifetime, The Story of My Life was her first book which was her autobiography.

Fact 6: Helen Keller founded the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind which was the primary agency in the country to offer services to blind adults.

Fact 7: The association of Helen Keller with the American Foundation for the Blind started in the year 1924. She fought for the rights of blind people to have total access to the rights of a citizen, employment, and education.

Fact 8: Helen offered encouragement to the Lions Club commending them to be the knights for the blind. From then onwards, Lions International was dedicatedly involved in assisting blind people all over the world.

Fact 9: Helen Keller visited 39 countries to convince the governments to launch schools for the blind and deaf.

Fact 10: During World War II and after the war, Helen visited a number of blinded veterans in the hospitals and encouraged them. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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