Facts about Harry Porter

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1.Alan Rickman knew the fate of his Character
Alan Rickman played the role of Professor Snape in “Harry Porter and the Deadly Hallows”. Alan Rickman got to know about the fate of his character as Professor Snape before this movie was released because J.K Rowling told him.

2.Why Harry Porter writer, J.K. Rowling used initials as opposed to her actual Name
Harry Porter writer, Joanne Rowling opted to use initials instead of her actual name because her publisher advisor her to use initials so as to appeal to the male reading audience. Joanne opted to use J.K the ‘K’ initial stood for Kathleen, her grandmother’s name. Neither the initial ‘K’ nor the name ‘Kathleen’ is part of Joanne Rowling’s legally registered name.

3.Ron Weasley’s Original Character was Tweaked
In the original script, the character played by Ron Weasley swore a lot. However, Rowling’s publisher advised against the use of that kind of language arguing that it would be inappropriate for the targeted young readers.

4.Moaning Myrtle Character
The actress who played as Moaning Myrtle in ‘Harry Porter and the Chamber of Secrets’ was aged 37 years at the time this movie was filmed. She became the oldest actress who ever played as a Hogwarts student.

5.The name ‘Hogwarts’ was inspired by a Plant
According to Rowling, her inspiration to name Harry’s school ‘Hogwarts’ was unconsciously derived from the name of a plant that she had seen in New York City’s Kew Gardens. Apparently, Harry and Rowling also share a birth date – 31st July.

6.The ‘t’ in the name Voldermort
The letter ‘t’ in the name Voldermort, contrary to common belief, is silent. The word Voldermort is derived from the French language and means flight of death. The idea of using Sirius Black’s tattoos was also borrowed from the prison gangs in Russia. These markings are used to identify a person as one who ought to be respected and feared.

7.Interesting happenings in Harry Porter Production
Tom Felton had auditioned to play the roles of Ron Weasley and Harry Porter but was instead picked to play the role of Draco Malfoy.  During filming of ‘Harry Porter and the Chamber of Secrets’, there was a lice outbreak among children cast members. Robbie Coltrane, who played as Hagrid has had a fruit bat and a mini-fan stuck in his shaggy beard. Ripert Grint was pulled out of the set during filming of a kissing scene between Hermione and Harry for laughing too much.  During the filming of ‘Harry Porter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, Hogwarts robes of Tom Felton had their pockets sewn together to keep him from sneaking food to the set.

8.Rowlings Reflections in Harry Porter
Rowlings based Hermione’s character as herself at age 11. She made Hermione’s patronus an otter, her favorite animal. The deadly phantoms, Dementors that secure the Azkaban Prison reflect depression and are based on J.K Rowling’s struggle with depression.

9.Acquainting Main Stars with their Roles
To acquaint 3 major characters with their roles in Harry Porter films, Alfonso Cuaron asked them to write an easy on their characters. Just as portrayed in their characters, Danie Radcliffe wrote a one-page, simple paper, Emma Watson developed a 16 page essay and Rupert Grint didn’t turn his essay in.

10.Harry Porter Sales
As of 2008, more than 400 million books had been sold in 67 languages across the world. During the release of ‘Harry Porter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ in the UK, the publisher advised stores not to place the book on sale until schools closed to avoid truancy. ‘Harry Porter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ was the least sold film that made 90 million dollars, which more than the best Twilight movie. Rowlings is the 1st person to join the billionaire club from just writing books.

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