Facts About Gettysburg

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Gettysburg is a small town in Pennsylvania that became famous for a Civil War battle in the US back in 1863.  Popularly known as the Gettysburg Battle, this episode in American History involved fighting among union and Confederate soldiers for 3 days.  This battle in Gettysburg is considered one of the most important events in the American Civil War.  It was in July 1-3, 1865 when the battle was fought in Gettysburg which happened under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  The following are some of the facts related to Gettysburg, the battles and the history made in this town:

Fact 1:  A total of 160,000 soldiers took part in the Battle of Gettysburg. The 3-day battle between Confederate and Union troops is considered among the biggest battles during the American Civil War.

Fact 2:  More than 50,000 soldiers on both sides of the battle got killed in Gettysburg.  This is the bloodiest in terms of casualties in the American Civil War.  Both Confederate and Union soldiers suffered so many losses in each day of the 3-day battle.

Fact 3: Gettysburg has a population of only 2000 at the time of the famous Civil War battle. This town with only a few people unfortunately became the site of massive killings and fighting among Americans that support different sides.

Fact 4:  The road network of Gettysburg made it ideal for the troop surge to the North by the Confederate soldiers. This town of only a few people have a good network of highways making it accessible from various parts.

Fact 5:  The most number of generals was killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.  At least 9 generals were killed or heavily wounded in the 3-day battle and this is the highest record for generals killed in any battle in US ground.

Fact 6:  Gettysburg’s large schools and churches were converted into building during and after the famous battle of Union and Confederate soldiers.  With thousands of soldiers participating in the battle in this small town, the large structures were almost immediately converted to hospitals to take care of the killed and wounded.

Fact 7:  The train carrying wounded Confederate soldiers back to Virginia was 17 miles long.  This is simply due to the fact that thousands of Confederate troops served and got wounded during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Fact 8:  Only 63 Union soldiers were given Medals of Honor after the Battle of Gettysburg.  More than 160,000 soldiers have participated on both sides of the battle with almost a third giving up their lives.  Only 63 of the Union troops were eventually rewarded for their service to the US government.

Fact 9:  The Battle of Gettysburg marked the end of the Confederate soldiers.  The troops under General Robert Lee suffered the most casualties against the Union soldiers and the 3-day battle transformed into a turning point for their cause.  With heavy losses at an important battle, the Confederate troops eventually retreated and went back to the South.

Fact 10:  Gettysburg is also remembered for Abraham Lincoln’s speech regarding the 3-day battle.  The so-called Gettysburg address was given by President Abraham Lincoln back in November 19, 1863 to honor the brave soldiers who participated in the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War.

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