Facts about Finland

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1.Speeding Fines depend on how much the driver earns

In Finland, calculation of fines is based on two major factors. These are the amount that the speeding driver earns and the severity of the speeding offense. The highest priced speeding ticket ever issued in Finland was the one issued in Helsinki, Finland’s capital in 2003. The ticket was issued to Jussi Salonoja for exceeding a 40km/hr area and driving at an 80km/hr speed. Jussi was fined 170,000 Euro for the offense.

 2.The Land with Thousands of Lakes and Islands

Finland is known to be the home of numerous lakes. In fact, the exact number of lakes that are more than 500   square meters in size in this country stands at 187,888 lakes. Finland as a territory has 179,584 islands.

 3.A Territory that experiences Midnight Sun

Finland is known to experience midnight sun during summer. This has led to Finland being referred to as ‘land of midnight sun’. During the months of June and July, this country in the north experiences sun shine through the day as well as throughout the night. In addition, the sun does not drop below the horizon during this season.

 4.In Finland, One and Two Cent Coins are never used

Finland keeps the rounding rules that require cash payments to be rounded off to the nearest five cent. Because of observing these ground rules, the one as well as two cent coins are not commonly used in this country. Even though these coins are legal tender within Finland in a strict sense, shops are not under any obligation to accept them.

 5.Public Payphones are not available in Finland

Finland has no public payphones like other countries. Surprisingly, the country has more than five million mobile phones that serve a country with a 5.4 million people. Finland is also known to be the most sparsely populated country within the European Union with just 16 people per square meter.

6.Motorists have to keep their car lights on throughout

One of the legal requirements when driving in Finland is that motorists must keep the lights of their cars on irrespective of the season, whether it is winter time or summer, dark or sunny. Motorists drive with their lights on even as the midnight sun shines.

 7.A Land of Numerous Championships

Finland hosts the world record of holding all kinds of championships. In this country, you will find championships for non-conventional activities such as mobile phone throwing, wife carrying, swamp soccer, mosquito catching, boot throwing, air guitar and sauna.

 8.Finland and Saunas

There are about 2.2 million saunas found within the territory of Finland. In a country that has a population of only 5.4 million people, what this means is that for every 2 to 3  people, there is a sauna at their exposure.

 9.Winning Medal

Athletes of Finnish descent are known to have won the most Summer Olympic medals than all other countries per capita. By 2012, the country had won 302 Olympic medals out of which 101 were gold medals which translate to 55.9 medals on average in a 5.4 million population. In terms of Winter Olympics, Finland comes second after Norway in terms of medals per capita. Finnish drivers have also pocked more titles in World Rally Championships than all other countries in the world.

 10.Colonization and Christianity

Finland was among the last territories to be Christianized in Europe. Christianity was introduced during the 12th Century. Finland gained independence in 1918. Prior to this independence, the Finnish territory belonged to Sweden or Russia. Finland is also home to the Paijanne Water Tunnel that stretches 120km and is the longest tunnel in Europe and the second longest in the world.

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