Facts about energy!

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What is energy? The first question that would come to a novice’s mind, who is not familiar with the concept. The bookish definition would be that energy is the ability to perform work. But in a layman’s language energy could be anything. You lift a brick that is you using energy right there, you open a door, you utilize energy, and even the lifting of your hand requires energy. But can you feel it? Again there are various ways in which you can feel energy, feeling just doesn’t mean touching something, it is seeing, hearing and sensing something. Just imagine yourself entering a room where two people just had a fight, you could actually feel the tension and animosity between them, which is actually energy that you feel.  Here are some facts which we have gathered for making you understand what energy actually is

1. A conventional light bulb uses only 10% of the electricity it is provided with to produce light energy, the rest of the 90% is dissipated in the form of heat energy to the surroundings. Breakthroughs in technology have tried to overcome this problematic matter and Compact Fluorescent bulbs have now been introduced which are 80% more efficient than these conventional bulbs and have last 12 times longer than them

2. About three quarters of this world’s energy is functioning upon the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are generally classified as coal, oil and Natural gas and are rapidly depleting from the Earth’s surface.

3. Of the whole world’s energy consumption, around 26% of the energy use can be solely allocated to Americans.

4. Imagine the energy required to keep a 60 watt light bulb lighted for 28 hours, must be huge, yeah? That’s the exact amount of energy required by Google to conduct a 100 searches across its search engine.

5. Ever wonder why your bills rise during the winters? Here’s why it might be so. It has been reported that washing clothes at 140˚F burns about twice as much energy as required by washing clothes at 104 ˚F.

6. American hospitals with all their fancy machinery have been reported to be the most intense buildings in terms of energy usage.

7. The term ‘energy vampires’ refers to the consumption of energy due to idle machinery and gadgets. 80 watts are consumed by a desktop computer sitting idle and it is reported that idle gadgets are more power eating than all of the solar panels combined in America.

8. Google is amazingly responsible for about 0.013% of the entire world’s energy consumption statistics. The tech giant has an energy demand equivalent for powering 200 000 homes.

9. 2/3 of the world’s Oil production comes from only ten countries, and these ten countries hold about the same ratio of the world’s oil reserve as well. Saudi Arabia is the leading contender on both of these lists. So there’s the answer to why these Arab sheikhs are so rich. Oil my friend, Oil!

10. China is home to the largest hydroelectric project on earth, namely the ‘Three Gorges Dam’. This Giant structure is responsible for the generation of 22000 megawatts of electrical power from a total of six generators. Thanks to this power plant, millions of Chinese villagers now receive electricity.

11. The rate of pollution generation has drastically increased for the Chinese and they have even surpassed the Americans in their production of carbon dioxide.

12. A hurricane brings upon not only physical destruction of land forms but also releases 50-200 trillion watts of energy. Imagine what a discovery it would be, if all this energy could somehow be harnessed into something useful!

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