Facts About Emily Dickerson

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Emily Dickerson was born in Massachusetts, USA. Emily had family issues, as she never had a close relation with her brother or father. Apart from that, she had very deep friendship with books, piano and literature.

Following facts shed more light on Emily Dickerson’s personality:

1) Emily’s Childhood:

During her childhood she occasionally left the house, and didn’t have much contact with guests and friends. She did attend school, but that too for a very short time. Reverend Charles Wadsworth was the one person who had a major impact on her life. She termed him as her “closest earthly friend”.

2) Religion:

Emily Dickerson belonged to a Protestant Christian family, but she never believed in Christianity. Howbeit, contradictory to this fact, her poetry shows much affliction to organized religion. At a seminary, she was very few of the people who didn’t sign the profession of faith in Christianity. This comes as a shock to a lot of people, but it is a fact.


During her life time, Emily Dickerson published only seven of her poems. After she had passed away her family found thousands of her work on literature. Later on, her family published a total of 1800 of her poems in various series.

4) Emily’s Obsession with the Topic of Death:

Emily Dickerson very frequently wrote on two main topics: death and immortality. These were two topics which kept re-appearing in all he letters which she wrote to her friends.

From the window of her room, Emily looked upon a graveyard, and this is the only explanation why she kept portraying the image of death over and over again in her poetry. Seeing people get buried often, was probably the reason why she had so much sensitivity and intuition regarding this subject.

5)Writing Style:

She used to scribble small crosses or asterisks, she used to write footnotes which, as per scholars, may notate her variable choice of word selection. She might have wanted to use a better synonym or antonym for a specific word, that’s why she would’ve made such symbols. This fact thus concludes, that in such case none of her literary work was ever “complete” or can be regarded as official or true final version.

6) Emily – A Passionate Writer

Emily was very fond of writing. Some people have craving for writing, and apparently she was one of them. She used to scribble not only on parchments, newspapers and books, but also on envelops which when opened would take of a conversation.

7) Friends:

Emily’s first best friend and her cousin was Sophia Holland. Sophia died in August 1844, and her death left Emily in a state of deep shock and wretchedness. She joined The Amherst Academy and made life time friends with people like Abiah Root, Abby Wood and Susan Huntington Gilbert. She had also developed special comfort with her Principal, Leonard Humphery.

8) Poetic Influence:

When Emily Dickerson reached the age of 18, she met a young lad who held the profession of an attorney, Benjamin Franklin Newton. This was the man whom we can refer to as her tutor, master or under whose influence Dickerson learnt poetry. He was the one who familiarized her to poetry and molded her brain. According to him, Dickerson already knew Bible and other the-then contemporary literature. Newton acquainted Emily with famous poets of that time such as William Wordsworth, Lydia Maria child, charlotte Bronte and of course, William Shakespeare.

9) Death:

Emily passed away in May, 1886 at the age of 55. . As her love for poetry and literature was far beyond any control, and even in her sickness she was persistent in writing and sending letters to people.

10) Cause of Death:

It is believed that she suffered from Bright’s disease. During the last few years of her life Emily saw the death of almost all of her family members including her mother, sister, cousin etcIn the spring of 1886, Emily posted her last bundle of letters.

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