Facts About Egypt

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Fact 1: Egypt is located in the Northern part of Africa and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt is situated between Libya and the Gaza strip, and it has the Asian Sinai Peninsula in it. Cairo is the capital of Egypt.

Fact 2: The total area of the Egypt is 1,001,450 square kilometers. The total land area of Egypt occupies 995,450 square kilometers while it has water occupying 6,000 square kilometers.

Fact 3: Egypt is three times the size of New Mexico. The entire land boundary extends about 2,665 kilometers. The Gaza Strip extends from Egypt about 11 km, Israel about 266 km, Libya about 1,115 km, and Sudan about 1,273 km.

Fact 4: The coastline of Egypt extends to 2,450 km. A dry summer prevails all through the year with a moderate winter. The climate is mostly hot.

Fact 5: The lowest point in Egypt is the Qattara Depression situated at -133m while the highest point is at Mount Catherine situated at 2,629m.

Fact 6: The natural resources that are available in Egypt are zinc, petroleum, manganese, rare earth elements, natural gas, limestone, asbestos, phosphates, gypsum, lead, talc, and iron ore.

Fact 7: The land allotted for irrigation as per the 2003 statistics was 35,300 square kilometers.

Fact 8: According to the census taken in 2006, the Egyptian ethnic groups constitute 99.6 percent out of all the Egyptians. The other ethnic groups compose the remainder of the population.

Fact 9: The official language of Egypt is Arabic while English and French are also followed by educated people. The official name of the country is Arab Republic of Egypt.

Fact 10: About 90 percent of the Egyptian population is Muslim, 9 percent of the population belongs to the Coptic religion, and 1 percent is Christian.

Fact 11: As per the estimation made in the year 2011, the population of Egypt is 83,688,164. Compared to the other countries in the world, Egypt stands in 15th place in terms of population.

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