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FACT 1: Easter is the day when Jesus rose from the dead three days after being crucified.

FACT 2: Christians believe that Jesus died to wash away the sins of the people on Earth. Hence, Easter is celebrated very auspiciously.

FACT 3: The Holy Week is referred to as the week that leads to Easter. After Jesus completed the Passover meal, Jesus was arrested for claiming that He is the Son of God. Jesus was executed by the government.

FACT 4: Good Friday falls two days before Easter. It is believed that Jesus was forced by the Romans to walk the streets and then was nailed to a cross. Later, Jesus was left to die. Some Christians fast on Good Friday and tend to eat fish in the place of other meat.

FACT 5: Palm Sunday occurs one week before Easter. Palm Sunday will refer to the return of Jesus to Jerusalem on the day of his death and arrest. The followers of Jesus made a special welcome for him by covering the path of his entry with palm fronds. To commemorate this event, today some churches have the tradition of distributing palms to their members on Palm Sunday.

FACT 6: Ash Wednesday is celebrated by keeping a mixture of oil and ash and using it to form a cross on one’s forehead. Everyone has to have the cross marked on his/her forehead from a church leader. This cross represents the willingness of the person to repent for his sins.

FACT 7: Ash Wednesday is celebrated at the beginning of Lent. Lent refers to the 40 days prior to Palm Sunday. These 40 days are observed as the period when Jesus was in the forest resisting the temptations of Satan.

FACT 8: During these 40 days before Palm Sunday, Christians will perform prayers, practice selflessness, and penance in order to make them ready for the Easter celebrations.

FACT 9:  The people who follow Lent will refrain from certain comforts like eating a restricted foods diet.

FACT 10: Some Christians celebrate Easter according to the lunar calendar while some sects do it on a different date. Some will not observe it at all.

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