Facts About Dubai

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Dubai is recognized as one of the two premier cities of the United Arab Emirates along with Abu Dhabi.  Second largest emirate in terms of population, Dubai boasts of being a truly global city with residents from different parts of the world.  Dubai is also known as a preferred destination for many tourists because of the following facts:

Fact 1:  The tallest building in the world is located in the heart of Dubai.  The Burj Khalifa stands at a mighty 280 meters leaving other tall buildings in the dust.  This building alone draws a legion of tourists to come to this global city.

Fact 2:  Shopping is another major draw for tourist in Dubai.  With huge malls that offer merchandise from different known brands the world over, Dubai is considered the shopping mecca of the Middle East.

Fact 3:  Construction is everywhere in Dubai.  Visiting Dubai will always amaze tourists in terms of mega-structures and buildings being constructed for various purposes.  Constructions can be seen everywhere and the reclamation of the sea are seemingly endless.

Fact 4:  Dubai is literally a global city because the locals only represent 5-15% of the population.  Majority of Dubai is inhabited by expatriates and workers from all over the world.  With the tourism and construction industry growing exponentially, more and more people from different countries come to Dubai to live, work, and play.  Majority of the residents of Dubai come from different parts of Asia and the Middle East but there are also large groups from different European countries and the rest of the world.

Fact 5:  Modesty is still the best policy in the city of Dubai.  Despite its global city status, Dubai culture is still respected and observed in terms of being modest in terms of clothing and behavior.

Fact 6:  Dubai is also famous for its gold.  As much as 40% of gold trading in the world happens in the luxury city of Dubai.  Many of its hotels like the Burj Al Arab also have interiors that are adorned with so much gold from the floor to the walls and ceilings.

Fact 7:  The city of Dubai was once ruled by the English monarchy.  Not many people may know this but the Islam majority of Dubai was once under the rule of the United Kingdom.

Fact 8:  Dubai only gets 5 days of rain in a given year.  This city is already known for its endless summer and scorching temperatures during the day.  This condition is further aggravated by the fact that on average, rain falls on Dubai for only 5 days in a year.

Fact 9:  Police in Dubai use luxury and sports cars.  Dubai literally has so much money that its police force drive around in Ferraris and Lamborghinis to the amazement of tourists.  With Dubai being considered a very safe city, these luxury cars driven by their police force is simply a way of showing off for this global city.

Fact 10:  Robots are king in Dubai’s famous camel racing.  In the past, children were abused to become the official drivers of this local sport.  With concerns on child-trafficking, actual children are now replaced with electronic substitutes.

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