Facts About Chameleons

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Chameleons are very famous animals because of their color-changing features depending on the environment they are in.  They are often found in trees and bushes in various parts of the world.   Most of them can be found across temperate regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and the US. Aside from their color-changing spectacle, chameleons are also interesting creatures because of the following facts:

Fact 1:  Chameleons are considered the smallest reptiles in the world.  Some species are only about half an inch long making them very tiny animals.  Some males for example may grow to about 30 inches in length but their average size qualifies them as the smallest living reptiles in the planet.

Fact 2:  Half of the 160 species of chameleon can be found in the African island of Madagascar.  With the temperate climate in this region, chameleons basically thrive under the Madagascar weather. Other species are scattered across different parts of South Asia, Europe, and the US.

Fact 3:  Chameleons have very long tongues that extend to up to twice their own body length. The tongues are practically long enough to help chameleons catch their prey insects for food.

Fact 4:  The chameleon’s eyes work independently from each other.  Their right and left eyes can basically rotate to different directions to detect the slightest movement in their search for food or as they move around in their habitat.  With this capability, chameleons can literally see two different things at the same time.

Fact 5:  Chameleons don’t have ears.  For hunting purposes, they rely on producing sound frequencies that help them locate possible food.  They also get help from their rotating eyes to survive in the wild.

Fact 6:  Chameleons have great vision helping them see their prey who are up to 10 meters away.  This ability also helps them protect themselves from possible predators and serves as a warning signal to activate their color-changing capability.  Chameleons are also known to be able to see in the dark or under ultraviolet light.

Fact 7:  The smallest reptile in the world is also proud of their strong feet.  Their feet have a very strong grip regardless if they are situated on a large tree or on a twig or bush.

Fact 8:  Male chameleons are so much colorful compared to their female counterparts.  Similar to peacocks, the male chameleons typically show off their color-changing prowess when trying to attract females for mating purposes.  The females on the other hand typically don’t change color when allowing males to go near them.

Fact 9:  Chameleons are fond of waiting for their prey.  These reptiles basically sit and look around with their eyes for possible insects and other food that are within reach of their long tongues.

Fact 10:  Baby chameleons don’t get to see their mothers when they hatch from their eggs.  When female chameleons hatch their eggs, they simply bury them under ground with soft soil and leave them until they hatch.  The newborn chameleons will be on their own when they get out of their shells.   These young hatchlings are said to have enough skills to help them survive the wild without any training from their mothers or both parents.

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